How to scale in Africa - key lessons from success stories

How to Scale in Africa: Key Lessons From Success Stories

It is no longer news how the ease of doing business and investment climate in most African countries has improved a great deal. This can be attributed to the recent concrete efforts put in place by the national governments of various African countries, not only to attract foreign...

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Article about toxic behaviour in the workplace. Picture of man in business suit sitting on a table in the middle of a meeting meditating with his legs crossed and hands praying posture, whilst 5 of his colleagues argue on the same table around him.

The Cost of Toxic Players in Your Organization

We’ve all seen toxic players in our organizations over the years – players who demean, discount, and dismiss others at every turn. Some toxic players behave even worse – they lie, cheat, and steal. Toxic players can be found in the ranks of senior leaders, hourly employees...

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Difference between leadership and supervision

The Distinction Between Leadership and Supervision

The terms supervision and leadership are often used interchangeably, but they are two unique activities engaged in to achieve specific outcomes. Supervision is the activity carried out by supervisors to oversee the productivity and progress of employees who report directly to them...

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