Kristina Rihanoff: Life and Career (Full Video Interview)

Kristina Rihanoff shares her story, from ballroom dancing, to what life was like growing up in the Soviet Union.

Richtopia is glad to share this exclusive interview with one of the best and most successful dancers in the UK.

You’re in for a treat! Kristina Rihanoff of BBC Strictly Come Dancing fame shares her views on success, hard work and helping others and tells us what is most important for those aspiring to reach their goals.

Everyone knows Kristina Rihanoff for her dancing ability on the BBC hit show Strictly Come Dancing, but what many may not know is that she has always been very entrepreneurial.

We asked Kristina about:

How she made her extensive knowledge of Ballroom a success.

What difficulties she had to overcome as a choreographer/dancer in the Far East Region during her childhood.

How she defines success and what her top tips for you are on how to be successful.

And much more!

This interview is not to miss and one that will leave you inspired by her brains, beauty, and beliefs as Kristina Rihanoff charts her journey to date and her plans for the future!

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Click here to watch our full video interview with Kristina Rihanoff on YouTube.

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