Powerful Women Secrets: Chelsey Baker (Full Video Interview)

How mentorship is making the world a better place.

We are delighted to share this exclusive interview with Chelsey Baker, the founder of National Mentoring Day, as part of our Powerful Women Secrets series.

You’re in for a treat!

In this thought-provoking Q&A, Chelsey Baker discusses what mentorship means to her and how she helps her mentees from planning to establishing powerful businesses.

She also shares her knowledge of pitching, public speaking, mentorship, and more.

Chelsey Baker believes that mentorship should be available to any person or collective who requires it.

This power includes people in education establishments, communities, governments, youth-sectors, armed forces, prisons, and more.

Find out why Chelsey Baker thinks people need to pay attention to mentoring, what experiences helped her to become who she is, her best advice to new mentors, and much more, in the video below. 

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Click here to watch our full video interview with Chelsey Baker on YouTube.

This video was recorded at Home House by Derin Cag, in partnership with Enterprise Lab.

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