Economic Minds: Daniel Lacalle (Full Video Interview) [ep.1]

Powerful Q&A with Daniel Lacalle, arguably one of the world’s leading experts on economics.

Daniel Lacalle is an Economist, Fund Manager at Tressis Gestion, Bestselling Author, and Professor of Global Economy.

He holds a PhD in Economics, the CIIA financial analyst title, with a post-graduate degree in IESE and a master’s degree in economic investigation (UCV).

This simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 26-minute interview answers many questions by Daniel Lacalle, arguably among the world’s leading experts on economics and investing.

Discover Lacalle’s favourite business experience to date and his advice to new economists and fund managers.

Find out whether the economic implications of technological advances excite or worry him and the things he would change if he were the Prime Minister of the UK or President of the United States for a week.

Daniel Lacalle is no uncritical apologist for economists: he understands how capitalism could be both fruitful and useful.

This interview also covers blockchain technology, where Lacalle talks about “manipulated currencies vs non-manipulated currencies”.

Discover which one Lacalle prefers and whether he likes Adam Smith or John Maynard Kenyes.

Also, uncover Daniel Lacalle’s long-term predictions for the world economy in 2030.

Lacalle talks about his upcoming book “Escape From The Central Bank Trap” and his best-selling books “Life In The Financial Markets” (Wiley) and “The Energy World Is Flat” (Wiley, 2014, with D. Parrilla).

His books have been published in Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Mr Lacalle is a regular collaborator with CNBC, El Español and The Wall Street Journal.

Based on Lacalle’s practical template for understanding the economy, which he developed throughout his career.

This video also breaks down some economic concepts, allowing viewers to learn the fundamental driving forces behind the economy, and which economic policies Daniel Lacalle prefers plus why “this time it’s different”. 🙂

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