Good Writers

Good Writers Leave Readers Wanting More, in Anticipation!

This morning I spent some time reading good writers articles. You know an article which is clever marketing. It peaks your interest and then asks you to by an e-book. Or those who represent companies who share an issue but then offer a link to their company. They will solve the problem for you for a price. You will find nice cheerful and motivational articles. You will find articles on issues that we are all facing in our business lives. But do you ever get the feeling that something is missing.
I am drawn to articles on topics such as Team Building, Motivation, Leadership or even Employee Engagement. The title of the articles draw you into to reading, only to read what you already know. You read that a problem does truly exist. You get that affirmation on a topic that you already know.  You find yourself agreeing with the writer.
You read that employees are not engaged.
You read employees do not like their managers.
You read that CEO’s are overpaid and are not perceived as not being good leaders.
But something is missing.
On and on, article after article. Think about what you are reading. Is the information in the article going to help you build your team? Is that information going to help you with motivating your team? Is this article going to help you to get your employees engaged? Is that article going to help you understand your manager?
Good writers
This article is not going to do any of that. Hopefully the article of good writers will get you to start thinking. Start thinking of what will help you now and in the future.  Think less on the problem and more on the solution.
Written by: Darrel Downs
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