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Hashtag Twitter: How They Became an Online Giant

Have you noticed the hashtags everywhere on social media sites? Who do you think is responsible for this? Twitter. It is remarkable how a simple social media site limiting messages to 140 characters would launch an IPO in 2013 that was worth $1.8 billion dollars? Twitter managed this by providing substantial proof that it had over 500 million faithful users sending at least 58 million tweets each day.

While Facebook became the social media darling that allowed people to pour out their hearts to friends and family with unlimited posts, Twitter seemed to frustrate people initially by the limited number of characters that could be used. As the number of smartphones increased, so did the spark of interest in Twitter. It was soon recognized as a way to stay in contact with people you know, as well as enjoy tweets from celebrities at any time of the day or night. The quirk in limited message capacity suddenly made sense. It became the favorite way for people to get quick messages out to the masses. It appeals to the extremely active and busy public.

Twitter has the capability to see what you like to offer suggested people, organizations, and businesses to follow. It is a genius marketing tool when used correctly. You can build a larger and more interactive community of followers on Twitter in less time than Facebook or other platforms of social media. The ability to create giant success out of the minimal messaging capabilities is in the beauty of Twitters simplicity.

Creating the social media outlet Twitter that works well on mobile devices was a brilliant move for the designers and programmers alike. The real winners here are the small business owners and business entrepreneurs who have a new way to reach a wider prospective market without spending a fortune.

Mae Merriweather

Written by: Mae Merriweather

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