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Cutting-Edge Business Models in the Age of Digital Disruption

The history of the Digital Revolution and its consequences Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal. – Arthur Schopenhauer. At the…

5 days ago

Economic Minds: Jacques Sapir (Full Q&A Interview) [ep.3]

What is the secret to coming out strong during uncertain times? The French economist, professor, and author Jacques Sapir expresses…

1 week ago

Economists Top 100 (2020)

Whether you’re a would-be economist or have spent decades being one, you could be worse-off than to read the short…

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

6 Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Building an eCommerce Business

So you’re an intelligent online business owner with a great new product and an appealing brand. You may be new…

3 weeks ago

Effective Innovation Management in Strategic Planning

According to the renowned scholar, Drucker (1985), all successful innovations are direct results of change. For any development within an…

4 weeks ago

Bezos Success With Amazon as a Billionaire and a Visionary

A simplistic analysis of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon corporation might simply point to its 2016 $136 billion revenue or its 2019…

4 weeks ago

Leaders Across the World Need to Defeat Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias (also known as implicit bias) refers to unconscious forms of discrimination and stereotyping based on race, gender, sexuality,…

2 months ago

What’s in a Name? Quite a Bit! 9 Successful Companies With Peculiar Names

Sometimes you come across the name of a company and have to do a double-take.  Are they really called that? …

2 months ago

How to Deal With Colleagues in Denial

When was the last time a colleague said something so ridiculous that it made your jaw drop? A four-year study…

2 months ago

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