Economic Minds: Pippa Malmgren (Full Video Interview) [ep.2]

An Exclusive Interview With the World-Renowned Economic Analyst Dr Pippa Malmgren.

One of the most successful economic analysts in the world, Pippa Malmgren, shares her story on understanding economic signals and views on success in this exclusive interview.

Most people know Malmgren for her significant contributions to both the UK & US economies; through advising former US President George W Bush and 10 Downing Street (UK government) on economic policies, to her entrepreneurship within the tech sector.

According to The Financial Times, Malmgren’s written work is “rather wonderful”, and James K. Galbraith claims she’s “better than Piketty”.

In this video, Malmgren discusses what being an economic analyst means to her and describes her companies DRPM Group and H-Robotics to our viewers.

She shares her secrets on the kind of culture established in her companies and advises for other leaders to improve the learning within their organisations.

Discover Pippa Malmgren’s critical ideas on the world economy and overall techniques for making forecasts based on signals.

For Malmgren, it is crucial to find solutions to existing problems worldwide, and she is willing to hire people who get the job done, without any discrimination regarding their background.

In recruitment, she thinks it is necessary to select employees with practical skills who can become successful members of her organisations.

Furthermore, Malmgren shares some of her forecasts moving forward.  

Get ideas and in-depth knowledge from an expert in the field of economics with over 10,000 hours of experience.

The strategies discussed by Malmgren in this video are essential for all leaders who want to gain more profound knowledge.

Click here to watch our full video interview with Pippa Malmgren on YouTube as part of our economic minds series.

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