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10 Industry Experts Share How They Use Instagram to Grow Their Business

Ten real-world experts reveal their most effective Instagram marketing tips for business growth.

Many business owners still dont quite realize the power of Instagram as a tool for helping grow a business, and that’s a strategic error that is allowing their competitors to dominate them on the world’s fastest-growing social media network.

In case you still need a reason for your business to be on Instagram, here are just a few:

  • There are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users.
  • Instagram is the fastest growing social media network
  • 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35.
  • Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the platform.

The platform is ideal for boosting audience engagement and brand loyalty.

As long as you can find a way to embrace the visual component of Instagram and use it to the advantage of your business, growing your business will be more than possible.

If you want to do that, it makes sense to listen to the industry experts who have experience growing their business with Instagram. They have the knowledge and expertise that can ultimately benefit you in your industry.

So, I reached out to experts from nine different industries and asked them to share with you how they use Instagram.

Here’s what they shared:

How to use Instagram as a tool for growth within your business.

  1. Your content should serve others.

    My biggest tip for Instagram would be to share content that serves others.

    It doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally give your followers insight into your personal life, but I would say that depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your Instagram account, post accordingly.

    For example, if you want to grow your business with social media, then it’s wise to share content that people will find valuable.

    They will, therefore, be all the more likely to like, engage with, or share your content, which then builds up your profile.

    Similarly, when you are sharing valuable content for free, you increase the likelihood of people believing that your paid services must be even better.

    Our rewards in life are a reflection of the value we provide others.

    So if you want to receive more rewards for your efforts, make sure they are serving people and helping them meet their needs.

    Byron Sakha, Coaching Industry, The Sakha Institute, Master Coach, @ByronSakha Bryan Sakha (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  2. Photography matters most.

    Take high-quality original photos.

    You can’t expect a like if your photos are not likeable.

    And taking a picture that can be found on Google is not going to get a lot of engagement.

    If you take a picture of a commonplace or thing, make sure it’s amazing or has a one-of-a-kind moment.

    Matt Sweetwood, Tech Industry, MSweetwood Consulting, @MSweetwood Matt Sweetwood (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  3. Use IG TV to provide expert tips that your audience craves.

    My favorite relatively recent Instagram addition has been that of Instagram TV.

    I film videos with business tips at least once a week, add about 30 relevant hashtags in the description, and post the one-minute preview on my profile.

    It’s a great mix of gaining audience traction from those who see the preview as traditional posts and TV viewers who watch the video on IG TV.

    It has greatly impacted my viewership and the visits to my page.

    Morissa Schwartz, Media Industry, Dr. Rissy’s Writing, and Marketing, @Morissa_Schwartz Morissa Schwartz (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  4. Give free advice to set up paid work in the future.

    Branding my company on Instagram slowly happened over time and began with the idea to create a bold but simple graphic design, share my fundamental understanding of my trade, and maintain a regular presence on the platform.

    I like to share detailed product and tool reviews from companies that share their products with me.

    I also provide tips to other contractors on techniques that have taken me years to learn and master.

    Not only is posting catchy content important but so is interacting with your community.

    Contractors often reach out to me through Instagram and ask me questions about drywall, texture, and painting.

    I provide useful answers free of charge.

    By becoming a resource for other contractors by giving free advice when they contact me on Instagram, they then trust me with their paid work!

    Joshua Gray, Construction Industry, Founder The Drywall Artist, @TheDrywallArtistLLC The Drywall Artist (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  5. Show your audience love.

    I believe in showing love to all on social media.

    I show them that first by genuinely commenting and liking two to three infographics/enjoyable videos and, in return, most will do the same.

    To make it notable and distinct, showing support to other companies that are similar to your establishment is highly valuable in today’s culture.

    We noticed that in the corporate world, it’s uncommon to do so because of the competition and businesses wanting their own success.

    So why not partner and collaborate with one another to victory?

    There’s room for everyone to eat at the table and showing love is the first key to success!

    Christian Vind, Music Industry, Hip Hop Artist & Co-Founder of BcauseYouCan, @ChristianVind Christian Vind (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  6. Share your authentic experiences.

    As Instagram grows in popularity, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out, and even more important for us influencers to find clarity in our message.

    Who are we going to serve and in what capacity?

    And in a world full of fake cars, rented mansions, and models who will do anything for followers, how do you stand out?

    You do the opposite … you become your own unique character … and you share from your most authentic self.

    Look at the posts that get the most shares across social media.

    They are stories, usually of underdogs who have found success through hardships or tragedy.

    Two features you should start using today: IGTV and the “Join Chat” feature on the stories.

    Build groups, give lots of value, and watch how your audience responds.

    Finally, create a solution (product, program, service) for their biggest struggle and desire, and deliver a result faster than anyone in your space.

    Michael Morelli, Fitness Industry, Founder Morelift Fit, @morellisworld & @MorellFiti Michael Morelli (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  7. Always give back to your fans and sponsors.

    I use Instagram to help promote the brands that sponsor me in a way that shows me authentically using their products.

    I also love to showcase all the cool locations I get to travel to as a professional tennis player.

    I feel this gives my fans a true vision into life on the tour.

    Tara Moore, Professional Sports (Tennis), WTA , @TaraMoore92 Tara B. Moore (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  8. Before selling, first, establish trust.

    As a blogger and site owner, I utilize Instagram to genuinely share brands and products that I love.

    My feed isn’t all about promoting brands.

    I also share experiences, foods, and even the products I buy on my own.

    My goal is to be real and honest with my community!

    Stephanie Lee, Publishing Industry, Founder of BeautyBrite, @BeautyBrite Beauty Brite (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  9. Create social proof documented with photos.

    lnstagram is a great way to document your past and present.

    It allows you to paint your picture however you want.

    Doing this will help those who want to work with you better understand you and can help with creating powerful first impressions.

    Ishan Goel, Marketing & PR Industry, Founder Goel Strategies, @IshanGoel Ishan Goel (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

  10. Tell the visual story that makes your business unique.

    It’s well known in print journalism that it’s the picture that grabs readers’ attention so they want to read the story.

    On Instagram, you have about a second or two to capture attention mid-scroll, and the best way to do that is with pictures that convey a sense of story.

    People spend more time looking at pictures with faces, emotion, and interaction.

    Use action photos showing what you do or how your employees work together.

    Show yourself in your workspace or what’s happening behind the scenes or the people who make your business unique.

    Valerie Mosley, Photojournalism Industry, Founder ValMosley Photography, @ValMosley Val Mosley (Instagram Profile: September 2019)

With the right strategy and the lessons youve learned here, youll be able to do the same as these ten industry experts and finally be on your way to using Instagram to grow your company and build your brand.

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