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7 B2B Sales Tools That Will Fill Your Funnel up With Hot Leads

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Undoubtedly, sales are at the core of any successful business. But are you sure that the deals you are making now are as many as you could ever make? Probably not. Your funnel might have been extremely effective so far, but if you are looking at growing even further and scale your product, then there are crucial steps to take.

One of these is to gain a thorough understanding of who your target market and buyer persona are. Tracking your visitors, their personalities, and the reasons why they have not reacted as you expected to your sales funnel can help you, but it is a time- and effort-consuming process. Luckily, technology is here to help. Check out the systems that can help you fill your sales funnel – and keep it full.

Lead Forensics

Lead forensic is a revolutionary software that can help you track who is entering your sales funnel. Depending on your plan, options, and necessities, you can find out several aspects of your visitors, including:

  • Location
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Business name
  • Email addresses

These details are crucial if you wish to follow up and get in contact with them. Of course, this is the first step to start converting your leads.

However, Lead Forensics does much more than supplying you with the contact details of your visitors. From this software, you will obtain and secure all the data you need to gain better and deeper insights into your audience.

Indeed, you can learn all about how your visitors behave when they are on your site. This type of intelligence allows you to examine their behavior and devise a strategy that can help you convert interest into sales even faster.

Ultimately, this software is necessary if you wish to find the sales leads you did not know you had. It allows you to stop wondering who your target market is and gain real insights about it.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another tool that you might decide to plan for in your marketing budget. The Sales plan gives you the chance to enjoy all its benefits freely for 30 days. Then the standard pricing of this service is $79.99/month. While this might mean that you have to start thinking about an allowance for sales tools, this software is still relatively affordable and accessible.

While moderately priced, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most potent sales software out there. Indeed, LinkedIn hosts over 562-million accounts, with all the relative information and details – an endless source of excellent prospects! However, of course, it can be challenging to find leads that match your needs.

So, that’s when you need the Sales Navigator tool offered by LinkedIn. This sales tool’s primary aim is to help you select valuable and viable leads for your business.

However, the platform also offers a myriad of auxiliary services, including:

  • Tracking market opportunities
  • Identify growing companies
  • Understand what are the careers of your ideal customers

These services allow you to improve your understanding of your whole target market. Because of the platform’s unique features, it is much easier for you to connect with the right people.

At its core, is a customer relationship management software. However, it has been designed and created with SaaS companies and sales professionals’ needs in mind. is also extremely streamlined, which is something that can help you save precious time and keep all of your relationships with your customers in order. You will be able to find any side application you are using, calls, and emails in a simple-to-use dashboard.

Among the side benefits of this software is the fact that you can track your team’s performance and sales trends.

FollowUp is an extremely affordable software that allows you to encourage any leads or prospects your business might have to complete a purchase. Indeed, it has been seen that the majority of prospects need follow-ups and additional encouragement before they decide to commit to a final decision.

Finding the right level of persistence and nudging is crucial, and, of course, sending several follow-ups can yield opposite effects than the ones you had hoped for. This software allows you to streamline this process, promptly offer answers and replies to your prospects, and find the right balance.


Independently on your marketing strategies, emails are at the core of an increased number of leads remaining in your flannel. When used well, email sequences can help you follow up, personalize a message, and offer value to your prospects while getting to know each other.

However, emails can be extremely time-consuming, especially for those marketing professionals who are given the task to create several of these emails a day. But if dedicated software is available to streamline this process, why not make your business more productive and your workforce happier?

The reply is a premium platform that allows you to manage your email strategy better and help you with outreach, campaigns, follow-ups, and analytics. On this software, you can also find templates and a writing assistant.

Salesmate CRM

This affordable CRM software can help you enhance your relationship with your audience. This software is entirely sales-focused, and it will undoubtedly guide you in securing more sales. However, this software also focuses on the specific needs of each customer. Indeed, it allows you to personalize your offer and service to ensure that you can increase your likelihood of completing a sale.


Crystal is a must-have software if you are looking to gain valuable insights regarding your target audience. Crystal allows you to find the type of person and customer you are trying to reach. This sales tool analyzes the prospects who become aware of your brand, so you can better understand who is more interested in it.

In turn, this can help you streamline your strategy and create ad hoc messages that work for your specific target market. Since following up and encouraging a lead is not always the best way to secure them, Crystal ensures you have all the insights you need to make informed decisions about your audience.

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