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This Is Why a Simple Logo Design Is Best for Your New App

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When building your mobile app or establishing your brand, one of the most challenging aspects of the creation process is designing the perfect logo. A carefully planned logo will expertly sum up your brand ideologies in one simple graphic design and provides a central focal point of recognition on which your company and brand hangs.

There are millions of logos emblazoned across the world, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the most successful ones have one thing in common…they are simple. Simple works. And here’s why.

Have you ever heard someone say, “take the time to smell the roses’.” But thanks to today’s hectic lifestyle, and rush to get it done in society, who has the time?  Today’s consumer will rarely take a little more than just a fleeting glance at a logo…especially if they are flying past a billboard at 80 miles per hour on the interstate!

You need a precise, clear identity to catch their attention. Think about packaging on an item in the supermarket, a place filled with logos. It would be safe to assume that they are not spending a whole lot of time analyzing your logo to decipher the exact message that you are so desperately trying to communicate.

Research has shown that, in these types of situations, that the consumer will gravitate to the product of their choice, that has the simple logo design.  A good graphic designer will take into consideration all of these attributes and produce a logo in which the text is clearly legible, and the brand names are prioritized to make the product the absolute obvious choice.

If your designer creates a message that gets covered over by excess clutter, then the consumer is far less likely to follow through and trust your brand. You are the one that has to be diligent when it comes to conveying your brand through the logo and insist on one core idea that is highlighted by the removal of such noise and clutter. 

The easier on the eyes you make the logo, the more versatile it becomes.  Keep in consideration how it’s going to look on, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoicing and the like. A simple logo will pack the same amount of punch no matter what size it is printed. Big or small, simplistic designs are far more beneficial in terms of being the most practical. Staying with one color, and losing all of the unneeded gradients, makes a better logo no matter how you look at it or use it.

One of the best attributes a logo can have, is the good old fashioned, less is more. Colors are by far the most intrinsic component of your design, and by selecting only one, the logo stands a much better chance of becoming synonymous with the brand. Look at Virgin Galactic’s red, or Easy Jet’s orange, these companies have committed to the use of a single color scheme, that caused the consumer to better absorb their brand.

Shopping bags that are a certain color suggests the particular store the shopper has been to.  One-colour logos also look much better when embroidered on specific pieces of company clothing,

People are far more likely to establish the bond of trust with something that they are familiar with. They need to be able to recall your logo easily. The logo consisting of a lot of color and very intricate design may look good, but it is going to make the process of brand recognition a lot harder to accomplish.

A simple logo is going to be far more likely to embed itself into the consumers brain at a fleeting glance. It takes very little recall to recognize them and associate them to your brand. Think of McDonald’s golden arches that are presented as a giant letter “M”. That’s all it takes to cause an instant brand association, even if we only see it in our peripheral vision. 

Your logo represents your business, and it in no way should tell your whole story. Let it be an impression or suggestion of your brand. Going in to meet your graphic design with these simplistic ideations, it should be a lot easier and you and them in the actual logo design and implementation. 

Think also about the way in which the logo is displayed. Most designers tend to think flat is the only way for a logo to be promoted. One of the latest trends is making the logo appear to “jump out” at the consumer with the use of 3-D artwork. A well thought out and executed simple 3-D logo can really get a lot of consumer attention. 

Make your logo the face of your brand. As you build up brand awareness with logo accompanied experience consumers will begin to create a valuable association between your logo and your brand. A logo that consists of a lot of different components will make it extremely difficult to create and nurture those associations. 

The most adept design expert recognizes that uniqueness could be mistaken as complicated. But the truth of the matter lies in the fact that it can be more difficult to create a unique logo. For this reason, amateur or non-professional designers often resort to making a logo overly complex causing the entire process to totally miss the mark. 

The extremely simple logos have been highly indicative of their brand’s qualities, and therefore are the most effective way of creating and sustaining their company mission statements and their time-consuming brand identities. There are many places to create your own simple logo.

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