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Top African Billionaires: The Motherland’s Richest

Richest African Billionaires 2015

According to the African Billionaires List 2015 by Forbes, the majority of African billionaires are South African, followed by Nigerian, and Egyptian. On top of the list lies Aliko Dangotethe Nigerian business person, and owner of the Dangote Group – with a net-worth of over 26.1 billion USD (2015).

Photo of Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote

With the growth of African economies and foreign direct investment into all African countries, the list of African billionaires could only get bigger from here. There are no doubts about the rise of wealth in Africa, here’s what the Business Insider had to say:

Map showing Africa in GreenAfrica‘s billionaire boom: The 13 tycoons whose wealth has exploded in the last four years

“Africa is undergoing an explosion of wealth as countries open up to the global economy. Many have seen major economic expansions in recent years. And that’s benefiting a small number of already incredibly wealthy individuals — Africa’s growing contingent of billionaires.”

In an interview at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, here’s what billionaire Isabel Dos Santos had to say about the reasons why Africa is drawing attention, and the challenges of being a woman and young African entrepreneur:

Africa is now the world’s most-rapidly developing continent. It has taken the lead over Asia and the rest of the world in terms of economic growth levels. With sharp billionaires including African woman entrepreneur Isabel Dos Santos, Nigerian tycoon Aliko Dangote, and South African retail mogul Christoffel Wiese, the trend is set to continue.

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