JoAnn Hammond-Meiers

The Money Flow Formula: How to Transform Purpose and Passion to Profit and Philanthropy

Through four tele-summits in 2013 and 2014 that I hosted, I interviewed amazing entrepreneurs about their systems, their struggles and successes and how they found significance as entrepreneurs in their work. It is important to align business for success, be innovative as an entrepreneur, and know the principles and practices of The Money Flow Formula.

Allow yourself to recognize the pull of the flow – not in the ego sense – but with inspiring breath. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote about creativity, flow, and the psychology of optimal experience (see his many books listed on Amazon). Most entrepreneurs value having money flow into their successful businesses and into their lives. It is vital to observe the energy of having manifested, that flow and to keep the flow. Allow it into your life, especially as money itself is neutral, but with your help and effort, it can serve you and make a difference in the world.

On our journeys, we can keep learning, known as lifelong learning. We can be of more service to others and we can prosper in many ways. It is important for some to learn how to be a philanthropist though I did not really understand the value of that learning because it was not directly encouraged in my life. As a philanthropic entrepreneur, it is not just about giving money. You will likely be inclined to contribute more with a philanthropic orientation in your heart and actionable endeavors stepping up in your business. A new book by Alison MacKenzie, Heartache, 2015 presents the principles of giving for profit.

In the book Creating Money, Attracting Abundance, authors, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer stated the importance of ebb and flow. The name four variations of flow possibilities: “calm, when money is coming in and going out in equal amounts; flow, when much more money is coming in than going out; ebb, when much more money is going out than coming in; and flat, when no money is flowing in or out.” (p. 98) Roman, S, Packer, D. (1988). Creating Money, Attracting Abundance. H J. Kramer, New World Library.

Creating money flow systems involve strategies, a positive mindset about money, and constructive emotional energy that supports high vibrational frequencies within you. Your emotional regulation and positive attitudes around money are important variables to be aware of daily. They are essential to your toolkit of strategies for money flow mastery.

Alex Mandossian, a successful online marketer, at, recently sent me an autoresponder email which mentioned that his friend with first name, Roy, from Austin Texas, says: “”Passion doesn’t produce commitment. It is a commitment that produces passion.” It caught my attention. I might consider that commitment enhances one’s ability to focus one’s purpose which probably then enhances the degree of passion aroused. It is our journey to find more passion and hopefully this emotional state might also enhance our commitment, especially when the flow has flat-lined and when we most need to drive ourselves to get the right course correction action necessary for our targeted results. I would say that if we get in touch and stay in touch with our purpose, and make a commitment to it, and then we increase the emotional response and the passionate component through our focus and determination. Therefore, our passion for the outcome of our visions may increase our results. Passion helps us feel and thereby become invested in supporting, creating, and/or achieving our purpose to succeed in making a difference in the world.

The Money Flow Formula, simply defined and focused upon in the Telesummit that I hosted and in which I also presented in 2014, highlights knowing your purpose and connecting with your passion that is proportionately felt and expressed in relation to your purpose or bigger why in your life and business. Learning and implementing a system to create sustainable profits in business is exciting. Being able to contribute to the world in a confident, positive, philanthropic way is inspirational. Philanthropy can be learned through study, orientation, and practice. Wisdom can evolve with a focus from the heart. Some people want to make a significant difference in the world and perhaps to leave a legacy.

The Money Flow Formula is not a get rich quick plan. It is about establishing a foundation for your business that aligns with you and your purpose and this purpose in turn can often create or ignite passion about carrying out your vision and mission in a business system, usually with a team and often with partnerships and with possibilities for growth. Passion may not look the same to everyone. It is how you feel it, within you, and that passion-connection and engagement will help you to carry through with the work of building a system that is likely to bring profits to your company or companies, but there is no guarantee. Perseverance through challenges may mean experiences losses and failures and failing to success or in some cases failing financially. However, there is something enduring survival and about having an attitude of generosity in the world that is characteristic of a “winner”. Dedication to others may turn out to be one of the learning steps to being a philanthropic entrepreneur. Attitude is tops and allows one to stay connected with the purposeful work and to give philanthropically and make a difference along the way. Philanthropy involves not only money, but also sharing skills, encouraging your team and its members on projects, and giving your Leadership with focused energy.

There are modifications of how I could have framed the money flow formula. Some people know what their purpose is and that they want to make a difference and therefore, they start with that in mind, as their biggest reason for creating their dream business vision and mission. There are also people who are very passionate about something and their purpose comes out of their passion for something, like creating art and finding a way to share it. Their passion clarifies the area where their purpose lands. Someone could be artistically passionate like an artist or someone could be a person who loves teaching ways to be successful with internet marketing and this then leads them to a purpose, teaching others. There are also people who may realize that they are brilliant with money and their purpose and passion may align with profits from the beginning, like an accountant who focusses on profits for companies.

However, many people are just discovering the tendency of a percentage of “givers”, people who are inclined to want to give. I am suggesting that there is “an art and science of giving with a philanthropic stance”. What is it to be an educated philanthropist? Where does it all start and what are the possibilities? Many do not seem to know that there are individuals who from a very young age want to help through the giving of their skills, through the donating of resources or money, or who are very heart centered and develop heart-centered principles early on in their lives and then grow in that direction. Having said the variations that are possible, it is important that many of us find at least one purpose to become passionate about and then to learn a format for business profits and expand on this through becoming an expert philanthropic entrepreneur and giving in a variety of strategic ways to make a difference in the world. There are many examples of people having started philanthropic endeavors in their teens.

Four Components: Purpose, Passion, Profit, Philanthropy

The combination of the four main components, Purpose, Passion, Profit, and Philanthropy are important and they are in my model, all essential elements of the money flow formula. Their order can be less important, but there is a looping effect between them. I think of this as the turbo generator for success and expansive possibilities for helping others as well as making a lot of money, though there is absolutely no guarantee implied here—this is a model only. There are sub-components to purpose, passion, profits, and philanthropy that can increase success flow. The interconnected components and their sub-components are worth some time clarifying and implementing.

The Money Flow Formula is a model which I initially discussed by the presenters in the tele-summit that I hosted, The Money Flow Formula, 2014. My idea was learned from many and the models seemed to fit for many of the internet business people that I was interviewing. I based it on the research I had gathered from entrepreneurs and readings based on the practical work of many entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors.

Family businesses have taught me a lot about the money flow. As well, I have observed my own family members in business over the years, including myself. For myself, I have learned from a co-owned psychological firm with my husband for over 20 years, and my own coaching and Telesummit business, since 2012. I have learned since childhood from my family of origin, especially from my father who had several businesses, and from my brothers too. Their children have also taught me the value of family businesses. My mother’s father, my grandfather, and his brother learned the business from their fathers and there are stories about them in a museum now, re-enacted videos. All of these people have given generously and helped or help to make a difference in the world.

A successful money flow pattern can lead to success if the entrepreneur can adapt it for their own business and in the context of the times. First of all, in this model, I consider money as a symbolic form of energy transfer for work or resources. As stated earlier, there are different qualities of flow and I might also suggest degrees of flow. Objects of energy, for example, goods or money, can sit in one location and stagnate or they can be in the process of flow. What is the energy capable of if it is built up or if it is exchanged in a constructive way? Examine the flow of resources in your business and in your potential.

Some people experience scarcity in their mindset. Abundant “experts”, from various backgrounds – financial and Law of Attraction, suggest we examine what paradigms or belief systems we have with regards to money. Napoleon Hill, who most people recognize for having researched for his book “Think and Grow Rich”, has been studied by many financial experts for years, including my own, as I asked him about it and he had read it years ago. Napoleon Hill believed in the value of mastermind groups that addressed mindset. This concept seems to be alive and thriving today.

A scarcity mindset might focus on how money gets used up more than it builds up and is fear based. This scarcity approach to live and wealth is counter-productive to an abundant perspective and abundant mindset as studied by those who follow universal laws like the Law of Sufficiency (Christy Whitman, LOA Expert, from The Money Flow Formula Telesummit). Recently Christy wrote the book The Art of Having it all today! In her interviews with many thought leaders in success and abundance, she had them each define what having it all was to them, that is, what their “it” and what they “all” was today. In my opinion, flow qualities such as freedom, joy, and contribution were part of their answers, and there was not an emphasis on wealth.

Alignment with our Purpose

“Alignment is the key; there is unlimited power in alignment”, stated by Oprah Winfreyas quoted in her new online meditative series with Deepak Chopra (March 2015).

What happens to us when we have a sense of alignment with money flow, psychologically speaking? When we embraced or stabilized through a sense of “embodied grounded-ness” or a sense of “centeredness” we are more likely to sustain the flow. Tai Chi masters and Dance/Movement Therapists talk about the flow of tension and being grounded with our body stance and awareness of our breath. I like to bring my attention to my breath and be centered in the flow of my breath. It helps calm me when I want to be in a high-performance state of a business.

We can learn to recognize and handle a sense emotional well-being and high vibrational energy as I have learned in my many years as a dance/movement therapist and a dancer and as a therapist. Today, many people strive to experience positive states of mind which they believe can help them be wealthier. I believe that where there is a “steady or planned” approach with a positive and disciplined lifestyle, people can learn to prosper, but it does not always happen that way as there are many means – lotto wins and inheritances, being two ways. We can choose to meditate, exercise, eat well, and have positive mindsets, but we have to take the actions into business plans and strategies, teams, and much more if we are to enact and manifest our dreams.

Give yourself permission to make choices that are aligned with “money flow”

Fortunate are those who find like-minded people in mastermind groups, for masterminds support entrepreneurs and are more likely to have us keep a constructive orientation and give and receive flow care through sharing ideas and tracking our emotional states – the ups and the downs. I feel grateful that I was aligned writing this article for Rich topic at this time and am grateful for the invitation to write it.

Many entrepreneurs have challenges to the ebb part of the flow when it comes to “cash flow”. They sometimes have stress around their emotional regulation with regards to money mindset and emotions that come when they experience negative thoughts about money. It is okay to feel these feelings, and yet, the key is to push forward, to even fail forward. To look at the flow of money, one needs to pay attention to numbers, percentages, cash flow, investments, and certain kinds of creative possibilities. What are those possibilities that expand the potential and flow increase? What is it that leads to attracting wealth? In the program, Praxis Now, with John Assaraf, I have noticed that the mindset of abundance helps attract more abundance. Noah St. Johns, with his “Affirmations” might ask: “How is it that we can promote an abundant life in all ways – including wellness, healthy relationships, enlightened spirituality, joy, and peace of mind, gratitude, and wealth.” I have learned a lot from these mentors.

The Money Flow Formula is about Turbo Charging Purpose to Passion to Profit to Philanthropy

Purpose: preparation, the discovered purpose, and strategies to focus and expand with purpose

To start with the idea of purpose is not to imply that purpose is easy to conceptualize for each of us, or to identify for one’s life, or to suggest that we only have one purpose as I believe there can be many as indicated to me in my own life that has chapters where I focused on different life orientations and career purposes.

Preparing is important as often we can become passionate about something or someone, caught up in the feeling of limitless possibilities being in the future of our target. However, succeeding in business can require us to learn, research and lay down the foundation – like the trunk of a strong tree before the branches are fully grown and far-reaching. Another analogy is the birthing process can relate to the creating of the purpose and it is usually nine months to birth a newborn baby, and many years to nurture that same baby. Our purpose can be just to make money – or our purpose can be doing something to solve a problem that is worthy of solving and thereby make money. The better we solve the problem, our chances of making money increase, but the money is not guaranteed. Great rewards do come with the learning and the service, but it is important to sell and earn money through our systems and services.

Define one’s purpose(s) with clarity. The service needs to have a level of meaning that is relevant and solves problems and helps get results that are worthy from a number of perspectives and evaluations. Align with what calls you, but do your homework, that is, discipline, network, research and find a system that will work to attain the purpose you want to support and fulfill and make your difference. Brendon Burchard has been one of the mentors of many, including myself, who has helped many people strive to make their difference.

What strategies will work for you in your line of business and for you to aim for your daily goals? Questions can be asked: ‘How can I take my idea forward and up to a secure branch of the tree? How can I make my actions viable, vibrant, and victoriously sustainable? First form your business foundation. It is important to plan and then to take actions to develop the product(s) and services – but one has to be careful not to wait for perfection – speed of delivering in the marketplace does get rewarded. Be on the right track, or you can end up at the wrong station and in that case speed is not such a friend. Target where you are going, focus on it, and align your efforts to get there. Engage with other like-minded entrepreneurs and others who are your fellow travelers.

Positive Support:

• Flow of money currency

• Environment influences well

• Actions breeding resolutions and results that feed passion (Internal Recognition)

Heart Passion:

• Feed and nurture in many ways the “aha’s” of your intuitive instincts, gut & heart

• Heart awareness can be fanned and expanded

• Love Existence: Vibrational frequencies can be attended to with intentional positive life force

Action Support:

• Flow of Actions coupled with passion leads to money exchanges and prosperity grows

• “The happiest of happy people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they make the most of everything that comes along their way,” – A friend wrote in my Happy New Year’s Card, 2013.

Permission to Shift Paradigms:

• Permission to be wealthy (health & wealth) and permission to succeed: Give it to yourself

• I have been a philosopher at heart for years and I believe that our beliefs can evolve. Bob Proctor, the Canadian leader in teaching “about paradigm shifts” through free videos online that I studied 2013/14, led ideas of theory to practical shares with many people. Thank you, Bob Proctor for your leadership in shifting paradigms.


• Appreciation of tracking, measuring, testing – grow to Multiple income streams

• Profit is growth energy in the form of resources & cash flow

• Take business seriously yet have fun to keep the energy and money flowing

• Care about Money Tracking is being a good steward of Money Mastery (Ryan Harris, Prosperity Coach, 2014)

• Sustainability of flow needs to account for the four stages of the flow, discussed earlier in this article – calm, ebb, flow, or flat.


• Being open to receiving can accelerate service and multiple income streams

• Network – Joint Ventures — Affiliates

• Expand through polarities

• Flow — Giving to receiving & giving and again receiving, etc.


• Leveraging with passive and residual income and/or with joint Partners

• Coupling strengths – Social Capital, that is Couplings {Relationships & Money};

• Marriage of “Wealth & Health”; Money & Health Energy

• Happiness – Appreciation and love accelerate giving and flow


• Social Meaning to you and your business

• Solving real problems or creating prevention projects

• Societies and Foundations accountable to the public

• Making more of a difference just because you dare to step up and forward

Inspiration to Reach for Meaningful Offerings which follow a Worthy Process and Bring Results

Constantly ignite your imagination and energize the Process of your Purpose(s) in a reiterative way, internally and externally. Connect to your core self and values and turn on the ignition for the energy connection regularly. That means charging up on the inside – internally, but just externally. Charge up excitement for your work, but seek others to ignite your energy with their excitement and commitment, whether that is your team, colleagues, or partnerships.

The Money Flow Formula Wrap-up

I presented my own model of The Money Flow Formula as one of the presentations of TMFF tele-summit. This present article explored the components of The Money Flow Formula and I hope that it inspires you to pay attention to flow in your business and life. Intention to flow, in itself, will help. The Money Flow Formula model is supported by practical ideas which you can implement and which are based on entrepreneurial businesses and learning applications of many entrepreneurs whom I researched. It is also based on years of study of movement analysis that studies flow and creativity. If you would like more information you can contact me at [email protected] or through the main website for a complimentary strategy session: or go to There will be some exciting Live Google Hangouts about the money flow formula in April and May, pre tele-summit – June 2015 and I will announce them on TMFF Facebook. Also, my new site is Philanthropic Entrepreneurs and I hope to have more articles and interviews loaded to this site over time.

As a business coach, who has experience in business flow and who studied the Universal Laws, and has seen how they apply as a life coach, psychologist, and dance/movement therapist and art therapist, I appreciate that different flow qualities discussed in this article, and that attention to flow can be empowering, including money flow, as it is an important part of my being alive. Flow is important in the lives of my clients and can be talked about directly with many of them, if they are open to seeing the flow’s value. I like to live in the “zone or vortex” of life where I feel vibrant synchronicity, energized with service and where I can contribute much to the world. I imagine you want to do this too since you have read this article almost to the finish. As a business coach, I continue to learn and that is my own key to flow – growth and expansion, but appreciating pauses, and ebbs as part of life. What is your capacity for expansion, and what is the capacity of your business(es) as they evolve. Change is inevitable and pauses help with reflection as in mastermind discussions and working on your vision attainment.


In conclusion, go for clarity about what you want in your life and business, but remember that the energy you hold or charge up within you (Brendon Burchard, 2015)affects flow. Ask for what you want in the four areas of TMFF – purpose, passion, profits, and philanthropy and yet, stop yourself from expecting it to come in a linear fashion. Look for ways to stay relevant and current in the area of your passion(s) in order to stay the course and develop your business(es).

Success is more likely to happen when you implement action (even imperfect ones) and stay aligned with your business efforts, keep track of your profits, and develop philanthropic attitudes and habits. Connect the four areas of TMFF and align with your purpose and passion to get started towards profit and philanthropy. You will more likely find your business has profits, or increase profits through the clarity of your business efforts, but remember that this is not a get rich quick plan, but that flow is abundantly possible with inner and outer work done by you and others. Align yourself with a higher purpose and give generously when you can by offering to teach skills, systems, and mindset, and eventually increase the gifts of money as you plan and wisely distribute or guide others. You will most likely find more flow for abundance in all ways as it gets better and better over time.

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