The Power of Crowdfunding

CrowdFunding: Venture Capital in the 21st Century

CrowdFunding Venture Capital in the 21st Century There is a lot of buzz around crowdfunding, and you may wonder why it has captured so much attention as of late. It is one the most creative ways to raise needed money for a business start-up in the 21st century. It brings creative ideas and those with investment dollars together and gives anyone a real chance at starting their own business. 

The roller-coaster that the global economy has been on leaves banks and other lending institutions overly cautious with where investment dollars go. Scoring a traditional loan to start a business is more than an uphill battle. Crowdfunding takes your idea to the masses and gives your business venture a fighting chance to see the light of day.

Top Crowdfunding Websites in 2015

The basics of how crowdfunding works are that you place your business idea up on a platform such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub or One vest, and you begin to gather small amounts of money from many people. It is usually internet based, and you can even add a video. The more appealing and interesting you make your project the better you will do. You need to design some type of award for each level of participation and investment.

Image of how Crowdfunding work

One of the biggest mistakes that get made by those trying crowdfunding for the first time is failure to understand that it takes more effort than simply building a nice profile and publishing it. The idea is not going to get out there on its own. You need to start a campaign. The 21st century allows for all types of methods to contact the public via social media platforms and email.

You will get venture capital if you can:

⋆ – Give enough purpose to your campaign.

⋆ – Provide adequate reward incentive.

⋆ – Create a great looking presentation.

The most attractive part of using crowdfunding is that as long as you have a firm belief in your ideas, there is a chance to advance to the level of business ownership. You are not tied to waiting on decisions by big banks and corporate suits that do not see the full financial potential of your venture. Crowdfunding is a great source of Venture Capital, and it has allowed start-up businesses to grow in times of recession.

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