Seth Godin

5 Lessons We’ve Learnt from Seth Godin

Five effective leadership lessons attained from studying Seth Godin in the modern age.

Seth Godin is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

A veritable wizard with ideas, business, and marketing, Seth has spread his knowledge broadly through books and taped interviews and is a master of the information age.

Trying to summarise what we have learned from Seth is no small task, so here are five of his big lessons to sink your teeth into.

1. Stand Out

Seth Godin Rule 1: Stand Out
Image of a red tree standing out around the ‘norm’ green.

In becoming a great leader, there is little time to follow the herd or play it safe.

Only people who stand out get a chance to show what they are really made of. As Goethe once said, “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. That’s what will make you different.

Be honest and authentic, and allow people to know the real you. That’s enough to distinguish you as a leader to be watched and followed.

2. Focus on the Team

Seth Godin Rule 2: Team Focus
Image of a rafting team working in unison on a set mission.

As a speaker, Seth builds his presentations around the audience.

He gets into their heads and shows that he’s there. He is not afraid to prod and works with the emotions his audience is feeling.

Leadership should work the same way.

No one cares that the stats say we’re falling behind.

What we care about is working better, getting rid of the pressure, and re-establishing ourselves.

As a leader, if you can tap into those emotions you will have a better response.

3. Build Your Tribe

Seth Godin Rule 3: Build Your Tribe
Drawing of the Zulu Tribe, which had a sense of unity, common dialect and culture, protection awareness, importance of kinship, egalitarian values, and more tribal characteristics.

You’re not a leader unless people follow you.

These days our workplaces are taking a much more collaborative approach to work, so it’s important that you have your team on your side.

4. Marketing is Story-Telling

Seth Godin
Image of Ancient Egyptian symbolic story-telling.

Presenting products and ideas as part of a narrative makes them attractive and memorable to consumers.

When a brand is matched to a good, true-feeling story, it is absolutely riveting.

The storytelling shouldn’t stop at the customer interface. It needs to be woven into the way you work with your teams – your tribe.

There is nothing as powerful as a good story to inspire action and, more importantly, to bind the team into a unified tribe.

5. Think Ahead

Seth Godin

Have you ever noticed that Seth Godin is always facing the future?

He’s an ideas man who’s not content to look back and analyse. He wants to actively shape the future and be ready for what’s to come.

As a leader, the future should be your orientation, too.

Don’t be caught up in the day to day details of work because then you will be caught by surprise when change comes, as it will.

For more of Seth Godin‘s wisdom, seek out his published work or visit his blog.

There is nothing to lose and a lot to be learned.

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