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The Key to Think and Grow Rich Like Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill’s Top 6 Golden Rules for Success; 

There have only ever been a minor proportion authors who have granted the theme of Desire the scrutiny that it demands like Napoleon Hill. They have left out the reality that Desires play an essential role in all human activity – it additionally produces will.

Just about all people would like to be successful. Merely wanting success without Desire and action equals discarded time. Worse, it could create annoyance. Only an all-consuming Desire will give rise to the extraordinary outcomes that symbolize success.


Unless you wish a thing to the uppermost degree, and cultivate that Desire so that it embodies a magnetic attraction, you will have zero-will and not do something truly worthy of the credit. It is of the up-most importance to Desire what you truly want like a thirsty man aground the inhospitable desert Desiring water. Want it so hard, like your life may depend on it. And if you awake in yourself this ferociously burning Desire, you will kick-in the process of one of the Universe’s firmest forces.

Napoleon Hill Key to Think and Grow RichFor anyone to deliver quality results, the Desire for triumph should be more eminent than any present concerns. Those fuelled with an exact Desire to reach their aims successfully are often mentioned as embodying a “Drive.” But is this peculiar trait set aside exclusively for a fortunate group? Surely not. With the correct attitude, any person can internally manifest a rich Desire, and go ahead to an unconditional platform, becoming aware that true triumph is unavoidable – figuratively like the Sun. And that is a key to think and grow rich like Napoleon Hill.

And how do you manifest an unconditional Desire? Here are 6 points to take note of:

  1. Occupy your surroundings with Desire superstars.
  2. Substitute the roots of pessimistic energy with affirmative and optimistic energy. After-all, George Washington once said “It is better to be alone than in bad company.
  3. Take action upon well-researched and thought-out knowledge.
  4. Put yourself in positive places, and surround yourself with constructive people.
  5. Burn those bridges, such that you commit and leave yourself without any other choice but to push on.
  6. Use mediums such as music, videos, and images to reinforce your Desires.



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