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From Driverless Cars to Driverless Aeroplanes

No one seems to be remotely bothered by the thoughts of having a small package or takeout food delivered by an unmanned drone, but how would you feel if a taxi pulled up without a driver? How would you feel if you found out that machines rather than humans had piloted the flight you just took? This is the future if the technology wizards of our time have any say in the matter. Priestmangoode has already unveiled the designs for the first-ever fleet of driverless tube trains to be used in London starting in 2020. The future has arrived.

Google has been relentless in the pursuit of usable technology for vehicles that are controlled from a distance and by on-board computer systems. The prototype for the car is expected to roll out and begin operation within a couple of years. This particular car can only travel at a maximum speed of 25 MPH, but it shows promise for the future of driverless personal vehicles.

Google has also been busy in the Australians’ outback delivering products and necessities to farms that are very isolated by the expansive desert. The items delivered have been small, but they have arrived timely and intact. Development of this technology could save time and costs of getting goods to areas that are delivery dependent. It will be a few years before automated piloting systems for passenger planes arrive, but the future of unmanned flight is here.

If you wonder about the reasoning behind all of these driverless innovative technology advancements, it is to make transportation safer in the future by removing the possibilities of accidents due to human errors. It will also reduce the costs associated with moving goods and products by reducing the need for highly trained employees. Do not be surprised if an unmanned technological device delivers your next small package.

Mae Merriweather

Written by Mae Merriweather

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