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Advertising & Sponsored Content

When it comes to advertising and sponsored content on Richtopia, only a small percentage of enquiries get approved.

Everything on Richtopia is free, but we still need to cover costs; we will only work with brands aligned to our vision and ethos.

We will always clearly tell our readers what content is sponsored by a partner brand. We will never use our data to sell on to third parties.

Our editorial policy is strict, with a complete ban on advertising and sponsorships for sensitive categories. This ban includes politics, religion, gambling, alcohol, magic, crypto, fossil-fuels, consumer loans, dating, pharmaceuticals, get-rich-quick methods, sensationalism, and weight loss, to name a few.

All links on sponsored articles must be rel=”no-follow”.

Submitted articles must be transparent, with a necessary disclaimer stating the content is a form of advertisement.

We also work with brands to create topic-focused sets of series that align with mutual objectives but also safeguard the integrity of content for our readers. To this end, we offer packages for brands aligned with our thought-leadership editorial.

These packages identify subject matters that we select together with brands, to form a series (signed as X series was made possible by Y brand), where we independently produce all content related to such sponsored series.

All advertising must comply with regulations set by the UK Government and Advertising Standards Authority, along with similar regulatory bodies. All required disclosures must get included wherever relevant.

The terms and conditions mentioned on this page are non-negotiable.

All sponsored posts with branded content get published in our sponsored category, which you could visit for examples.

If you are still interested in advertising or sponsoring a series on Richtopia, you can contact us today with your enquiry.

To contact by e-mail: hello[at]

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