A Quick Guide on Boosting Your Creativity

Creativity brings thoughts of artists, however it’s a talent that could add value to anyone who takes the time to refine the skill. Cognitive psychologist Robert J. Sternberg defines creativity as “the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile.” Here are a few easy ways you can build and boost this skill fast.

Reward the Desire for Creativity

Stealing away time to think about problems and finding solutions could be considered a luxury in the swift movement of today’s world. It is essential to set aside the time for creative thinking. Use it as a daily reward. Allow yourself some regular time to get in a creative mode. Stay committed to developing creativity.

Reduce Creative Blocks

Maintaining a positive mood has a lot to do with keeping a creative flow. If you get stressed and rushed all the time, you will fall back on “path of least resistance” survival modes. Find the times during the day that are less stressful and demand your time to work on creative thought. It could be early morning or late at night. It will make all the difference in your creative process very quickly.

Top Creativity Tips and Techniques

Keep a Journal

Log all of your brainstorming and ideas either in a notebook or electronically. You can use this to document your progress and use the results to either change direction or refine what you are trying to carry out. As you develop your creative skills, you can use the journal as a boost to your self-confidence. It is easier to set goals and challenge your creativity to go even further.

Stay Inspired

What are the things that actually inspire you? Some people find inspiration in music, art, reading or talking to people who have a high level of knowledge in certain subjects. Others find inspiration in taking nature walks or watching a sunset. Use your inspiration triggers regularly.

If you stick with these tips and methods, you will see results right away. Being committed to increasing creativity is how the path gets formed. Let this be your most creative year ever!

Editor: Derin Cag (Founder & CEO of RichTopia)

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