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How to Become a Genius: 10 Common Character Traits

Photo of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

The word genius brings to mind great people like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Many write off genius capabilities as being in the “genes” or in some way being born in a superior mental position than others.

In all actuality, the thinking involved in many genius ideas and pursuits are process-based. Geniuses spend the necessary time cultivating the ability to process knowledge and use it to a fuller capacity than most. This is what sets their results apart from everyone else. This offers hope to the rest of us that developing genius skills are possible.

Below are ten ways you can bring out the inner genius you already have.

1. Involvement in Artistic Endeavors

Photo of Stephen Hawking
Dr. Stephen Hawking

Activities like drawing, painting, and composing music teach the brain to merge the senses and pay close attention to details. Over time, this skill spills out to every activity of your life. Pick an enjoyable, relaxing artistic hobby and you are already honing a valuable genius skill.

2. Rich Knowledge Base

A genius scores high in testing because they have an incredibly wide array of knowledge in many subjects. Pick up a book and read, watch documentaries and historical programming. Push the limits on learning. This is a skill that can be developed from birth until death.

3. Questioning Everything

Never take anything at face value. If someone had not dared to question that the earth was round, not flat, our maps would still look pretty peculiar. Be ready to question facts, as it is not always solid. This is a skill that has brought about much of the innovation and technology that we enjoy today.

4. Believing in a Solution

The natural universe works in a symbiotic order that we may never fully understand. For every action, there is a reaction. One of the laws of physics states this clearly and has held true. For every problem, there is a solution. Understanding and accepting this principle will give your brain license to explore.

5. Exploring Crazy Theories

If a problem is presented and you are struggling for a solution, take the crazy route. Zany, absurd and crazy solutions can often be the most genius of them all. A good example was the ability of the Greeks to enter the city of Troy hiding in a large Trojan horse. It was a crazy idea, but it worked. In fact, it was genius.

6. Switching Perspectives

Photo of Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

The ability to a problem and solution from different perspectives is priceless. It is said that Darwin looked at biology in the perspective of a plant at times to gain insights from a different angle.

7. Embracing Change

The planet and everything associated with it is constantly in a state of change. Resisting change will leave you stuck right where you plant your feet. Innovation comes through forward-thinking and expectation that things will be much different in 10 years than they are today.

8. Stimulating Creative Thought

Listening to classical music such as Mozart, talking with people or simply taking the time to enjoy the thought process is stimulating to the mind. The brain is a muscle that could be exercised regularly like any other muscle.

9. Absorbing Surroundings

Taking a walk is an excellent way to get exercise. It is also the perfect time to take in all the sounds, sights and smells that you meet along the way. The smell of flowers and views of the stream nearby are all little details that the brain records and indexes. The more you experience and understand the closer you come to genius level.

10. Utilizing Knowledge

You may know a million things, but how do you use this knowledge in the world? Benjamin Bloom in 1956 proposed Bloom’s Taxonomy as a way of explaining how original knowledge goes from the brain into practical use. He developed this principle as a pyramid that started with knowledge and led to comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Applying all the knowledge you can in life, comprehending the value, making it fit and evaluating the importance are skills to be envied.

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