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Top 100 Women in Blockchain: From Elizabeth Stark to Blythe Masters, These Are the Most Influential Women in the Distributed Ledger Space

Top 100 Women in Blockchain and Crypto 2018. Top row from left to right: Elizabeth Stark, Sally Eaves, Stacy Herbert, Blythe Masters. Bottom row from left to right: Toni Lane Casserly, Cherie Aimée, Melanie Swan, Camila Russo.

Whether you’re a would-be woman in the Blockchain sector or have spent some years in the industry. You could be worse-off than to read the short profiles of women in Blockchain who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from the most influential women in the Blockchain industry, particularly at being pro-active. If you’re a distributed ledger technology or crypto enthusiast, it is critical that you follow and connect with these women in blockchain and expand your professional network.

Here’s What Some of Them Said About This List:

Our Blockchain list is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores and a secret recipe. We take into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. The list is determined by Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning and gets updated each year. In order to comply with new laws in the EU called GDPR, we have added a new step of human intervention into our lists. We now include judges in all final decision making. Our judges consist of our founders and the members in our advisory board.

If you believe you can arise a creative impulse in people (or you know a woman in blockchain who can), you can add people by clicking the ‘join’ button below. All entries are considered by our admins, and Richtopia reserves the right to accept or forbid people from the list as it deems fit.

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Top 100 Women Influencers in Blockchain & Crypto

Follow these women in blockchain to keep up with trends. You will also learn what resources they use to stay in the know.

Rank Woman in Blockchain Score Power Score


Adryenn Ashley Profile Image Adryenn Ashley
#blockchain Founder #crypto #bitcoin #otc #ico Award winning Film/TV, Red Carpets, Social Influencer starting global conversations that matter
0 50


Taryn Southern Profile Image Taryn Southern
artist | storyteller | internet person | cat lady | AI + VR|AR + blockchain evangelist. i live in the future.
0 50


Sarah   Austin Profile Image Sarah Austin
Entrepreneur and product marketing tinkerer. Follow for insights and tech news. @Forbes 30 Under 30, @SAP #Cognitive #ML #NLP #AI #BigData #blockchain
0 49


Sally Eaves Profile Image Sally Eaves
CTO and thought leader in emergent technology, intrapreneurship, online media and navigating digital disruption to sustainably support business success, educational development and social innovation.
0 49


Meltem Demirors Profile Image Meltem Demirors
i don't sleep, i wait. building @CoinSharesCo treasury. investing w/ athena & 3.0 capital. teaching @MIT @UniofOxford. formerly @dcgco.
0 48


Tiff Hayden Profile Image Tiff Hayden
Elliptic curves & weapons of math destruction. #Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #XRP Community Manager at @Edgesecure
0 48


Stacy Herbert Profile Image Stacy Herbert
@KeiserReport @HeisenbergCap Skin in the bitcoin game since 2011. Commentator, evangelizer, investor and student. Gold, Silver, Bitcoin.
0 47


Eva Galperin Profile Image Eva Galperin
Director of Cybersecurity @EFF/ Tech advisor at @freedomofpress/ My tweets are my own /PGP key:
0 47


Laura   Shin Profile Image Laura Shin
Crypto/blockchain journalist; Host of & Disclosure: I own BTC & ETH; Email
0 46


Elizabeth Stark Profile Image Elizabeth Stark
big fan of the internet. like building things. cofounder @lightning labs, fellow @coincenter. taught @stanford + @yalelawtech.
0 46


Tarah M. Wheeler Profile Image Tarah M. Wheeler
Professional kale hater. @RedQueenTech Principal Security Advisor @NewAmerica Cybersecurity Fellow•#WomenInTechBook•SecOps•@ISUnlocked•Married to @deviantollam
0 45


Pippa Malmgren Profile Image Pippa Malmgren
Founder DRPM Group and H Robotics, Presidential Advisor, best-selling author, trendspotter, economist, public speaker & NED. @DrPippaM on Intragram, Twitter and facebook
0 45


Neirajones; Profile Image Neirajones;
Advisor| Speaker| Payments| Innovation| Fintech| Security | I make it happen...
0 44


Sarah Jamie Lewis Profile Image Sarah Jamie Lewis
Executive Director @OpenPriv, Privacy & Anonymity Researcher. Published Queer Privacy. Queer Vegan Lesbian Ⓐ.Support My Research:
0 44


Kiki Schirr Profile Image Kiki Schirr
I'm rubber, you're glue -- bounce ideas off of me so they stick for you! I have a lot of plates spinning. I tweet in 3 categories: #china, #crypto, & wtfrandom
0 43


Preethi Kasireddy Profile Image Preethi Kasireddy
Blockchain engineer. Founder & CEO of TruStory. Previously @Coinbase, @a16z, @GoldmanSachs. I live and breathe crypto. Studied Systems Engineering @USC
0 43


Anna Irrera Profile Image Anna Irrera
Fintech Correspondent @Reuters | All fintech all the time (kind of) | yes, I cover things like bitcoin | [email protected] |
0 42


Emi Yoshikawa Profile Image Emi Yoshikawa
Biz Dev @Ripple | Ripple本社勤務 | blockchain & crypto | Silicon Valley & Asia | Harvard Business School | CFA | Views expressed are my own
0 42


Arianna   Simpson Profile Image Arianna Simpson
MD @ Autonomous Partners. Into crypto before it was cool. also into startups, motorcycles, books, running, skiing, and travel. ex @Facebook, @BitGo. ENTJ.
0 41


Jill Carlson Profile Image Jill Carlson
the centre cannot HODL
0 41


Crystal Rose Profile Image Crystal Rose
Founder & CEO @SenseToken @Sensay • Making SENSE ⚡️ • $SENSE • Supporting Women of Blockchain – shEOS @sheos_org
0 40


Linda Xie Profile Image Linda Xie
Co-founder @ScalarCapital. Previously Product Manager @Coinbase. Advisor @0xProject.
0 40


Jen Wieczner Profile Image Jen Wieczner
Senior writer @FortuneMagazine: Wall Street, $$$, crypto. Editor @FortuneLedger. Ride bikes, do yoga, drink green juice. Vee-ETCH-ner. [email protected]
0 39


Camila Russo Profile Image Camila Russo
Markets reporter and blogger for Bloomberg News in New York, focusing on crypto and LatAm. Previously, Madrid and Buenos Aires. Usual disclaimers. Chilena.
0 39


Tina   Hui Profile Image Tina Hui
CEO & Founder @FollowTheCoin, Biz & Startup Advisor, ROI/Marketing Wins: @SnapfishbyHP @WarnerBros @eat24 @onemedical +. Mom @nonothedog. Lover of life.
0 38


Charlotte Halkett Profile Image Charlotte Halkett
MD #buzzvault currently bringing home #insurance revolution. Veteran of the #insurtech business world, #actuary, #innovation freak, #blockchain enthusiast and motor #telematics expert.
0 38


Eileen Burbidge Profile Image Eileen Burbidge
Early-stage tech VC and recovering work- and tech- aholic. Online identity full circle: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge
0 37


Desiree Dickerson Profile Image Desiree Dickerson
Blockchain & Digital Currency Fellow @WomenforWomen. @21cryptos. Future former consultant. Scientist. Sometimes straightedge.
0 37


Tiffany Madison Profile Image Tiffany Madison
Partner @Decentranet, Creator and Co-Founder @d10e_con, Strategist, Advisor, Communicator, Consultant, Writer, ENTJ. #Decentralize #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Texan
0 36


Alison Macrina Profile Image Alison Macrina
Privacy preacher, sincerity enthusiast, abolitionist, socialist, troublemaker, total sweetheart. | @libraryfreedom | @torproject |
0 36


Alena Vranova Profile Image Alena Vranova
business developer; networker; freedom lover; fintech - bitcoin - economics tweeter; co-founder & xCEO @satoshilabs @trezor
0 35


Tammy Camp Profile Image Tammy Camp
Founder @strongholdxchg. Growth Engineer. Passionate about #crypto.
0 35


Perianne   Boring Profile Image Perianne Boring
Founder & President @ChamberDigital. Blockchain Professor @Georgetown.
0 34


Neha Narula Profile Image Neha Narula
I work on scaling systems and platforms for the internet. Director of Digital Currency @medialab. PhD from @MIT_CSAIL, formerly @digg, @google.
0 34


Anne   Connelly Profile Image Anne Connelly
Faculty at @singularityu | Blockchain | Humanitarian
0 33


Jalak Jobanputra Profile Image Jalak Jobanputra
VC since 99. Founder @futurepvc. Global Nomad. x Ballerina. Early #blockchain investor.
0 33


Mariana Ludmila Profile Image Mariana Ludmila
Bridging Edu initiatives to LatAm & Africa • Hayek Fan • Former VP of Bd @OLPC • Research Blockchain for the unschooled • Future = Decentralized & Self-directed
0 32


Lily Katz Profile Image Lily Katz
Reporter @Bloomberg covering crypto and fintech and real estate and stuff. All opinions are my own.
0 32


Caitlin Long Profile Image Caitlin Long
Fmr chair/president 22-yr Wall St veteran (ran pension biz at Morgan Stanley). #Bitcoin #Blockchain. Not legal advice!
0 31


Rachel Wolfson Profile Image Rachel Wolfson
Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Journalist covering all things decentralized @badcrypto
0 31


SusanPoole Profile Image SusanPoole
Blockchain. Bitcoin: Satoshi Roundtable. Top 10 CryptoWomen, Core Mag. Fmr.Chamber of Digital Commerce. Advisor: Shuttle Holdings Pic by:@cryptoartcom
0 30


Susanne Chishti Profile Image Susanne Chishti
CEO @FINTECHcircle @FTC_Institute @WealthTECHBook @InsurTECH_Book Co-Founder @TheFINTECHBook @FTCinnovate #FINTECH Conference Speaker #blockchain #Diversity
0 30


Euvie Ivanova Profile Image Euvie Ivanova
Media Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Void Explorer.CoFounder @FutureThinkers_ @CoSyndicate_io @CryptoRadioShow
0 29


Angela Walch Profile Image Angela Walch
Assoc. Prof. @StMarys_Law. Research Fellow UCL Centre for #Blockchain Technologies @uclcbt. @Forbes contributor. #Money, #tech, #finance, #risk. Own no #crypto.
0 29


Tess Rinearson Profile Image Tess Rinearson
engineering @chain
0 28


Cristina Dolan Profile Image Cristina Dolan
0 28


Lisa Gansky Profile Image Lisa Gansky
serial instigator. entrepreneur.speaker. focus: what's breaking.? #Trust shift to #decentralized #p2p from institutions. #platforms #SocialOS #Blockchain
0 27


Diana Biggs Profile Image Diana Biggs
Working at the intersection of finance & tech (fin. inclusion, digital currency)
0 27


Kelley Weaver Profile Image Kelley Weaver
CEO of @MelrosePR & host of @cryptotokentalk podcast. #PR #Blockchain #cryptocurrency #ICOs Contributor @thrive & @forbes. #SharkTank [email protected]
0 26


Tricia Martinez Profile Image Tricia Martinez
Founder & CEO of @GetWala & #Dala Cryptocurrency Behavioral Economics from @UChicago Backed by @Techstars #Feminist #Entrepreneur
0 26


Tatiana Moroz Profile Image Tatiana Moroz
Speaker/Singer-songwriter #TatianaCoin #blockchain #crypto #Bitcoin #liberty #Founder
0 25


Dawn M Newton Profile Image Dawn M Newton
COO Netki, (Digital Identity for #blockchain compliance), Board of Threshold Foundation (funding innovative non-profits), Startup Advisor, avid diver, chef.
0 25


Sarah Hodges Profile Image Sarah Hodges
Partner at @Pillar_VC | Founder at @Intelligent_ly | @blockchainwk | Past lives @Pluralsight @RunKeeper @Carbonite | #SaaS #consumer #blockchain
0 24


Olga Feldmeier Profile Image Olga Feldmeier
CEO @smartvalorinc: marketplace for #tokenized investments / ex #Bitcoin Queen, ex banker @XAPO, @BCG, @UBS / Creator of #cryptosummit /
0 24


Jinglan Wang Profile Image Jinglan Wang
Executive Director @blockchainedu Alum/Ex: MIT DCI, @mitbitcoinclub @wellesley @Nasdaq @IDEO @circlebits
0 23


Joyce Kim Profile Image Joyce Kim
VC @SparkChain, board member of @LiteracyBridge and co-founder @StellarOrg.
0 23


Pamela Morgan Profile Image Pamela Morgan
Educator. Entrepreneur. Author. Attorney. Inspired by empowering others. Believer in social justice, freedom, and smiling at strangers.
0 22


Andy Coravos Profile Image Andy Coravos
CEO @ElektraLabs. Biometric data + engineering. @VisionSpring BOD. Digital rights advocate. Formerly @AkiliLabs, @codeHBS, @KKR_Co, and @McKinsey.
0 22


Sharon Herzog Profile Image Sharon Herzog
Co-Founder, INCIRCL. CIO, Solutions Architect. I build data robots.
0 21


Mary Hall Profile Image Mary Hall
Blockchain Content Marketing @ Accenture. Blogger @ Huffington Post Featured in eWeek Follow me on Twitter @SystemsandTech
0 21


Janina Lowisz Profile Image Janina Lowisz
Bringing #blockchain technology to everyday consumers. @CashaaLtd @Auxesisgroup #CAS #teamblockchain
0 20


Shannon Steele Profile Image Shannon Steele
#Blockchain Specialist @Deloitte / Digital Currency Certified Professional / #FinTech / #IoT / #Agile PM / #Innovation
0 20


Emily   Spaven Profile Image Emily Spaven
UK News Editor @LinkedIn. Former Editor @uktnofficial (formerly TechCityNews). [email protected] & @Google employee. Interested in tech and business.
0 19


Cherie Aimée Profile Image Cherie Aimée
Top 18 Woman You Need to Know Now; Director of Communications @ShipChain; Board of Dir. Columbia Univ Medical; Contributor/VIP Partner @Influencive
0 19


Toni Lane Profile Image Toni Lane
blockchain o.g. lover. founder: co-founder: @cointelegraph. faith in humanity, idealistic realist, peace warrior. Empowered Woman.
0 18


Aya Miyaguchi Profile Image Aya Miyaguchi
Educator, [email protected] Foundation, [email protected] social impact projects
0 18


Yessi Bello-Perez Profile Image Yessi Bello-Perez
Editor of UKTN (@UKTNofficial), ex #FinTech & #crypto journo @coindesk • #womenintech • #uktech • [email protected]
0 17


Rhian   Lewis Profile Image Rhian Lewis
#SDET, #Ruby, #blockchain, #cryptocurrency. Co-developer @countmycrypto, tracking #altcoins since 2014. Co-host London #Bitcoin Women. Veggie. Anarchopreneur.
0 17


Scarlett Sieber Profile Image Scarlett Sieber
Passionate about #fintech #womenempowerment #startups Prev CIO, Pre SVP Digital @BBVA Contributor @ Views expressed are my own
0 16


Lisa Ostrikoff Profile Image Lisa Ostrikoff
✖️ Entrepreneur | Journalist | Digital | Social | Video | Firecracker | Investor | #Crypto | $BTC $LTC $ETH $XRP $TRX ✖️
0 16


Dorota Zimnoch Profile Image Dorota Zimnoch
Passionate about convergence of new technologies into business. #FinTech #InsurTech #Blockchain
0 15


Jemima   Kelly Profile Image Jemima Kelly
Giving the people some FUD for thought @FTAlphaville @FT. Previously markets & crypto @Reuters. Before that stuff @TheEconomist. Singer, songwriter, producer.
0 15


Beth Blecherman   Tech Profile Image Beth Blecherman Tech
#Tech Evangelist | #Blockchain Enthusiast | #ProductManager | #Community Builder | Co-Founder @SavitudeWomen | Past:Sr.Mgr Deloitte
0 14


Cynthia M. Wood Profile Image Cynthia M. Wood
COO of Bee Inc I Enterprise Blockchain (TBC, IBM, Princeton) I Content Creator @thewhalereports I Top 10 Women in Crypto, Top 100 in Blockchain, Bitcoin Neutral
0 14


Kathryn Haun Profile Image Kathryn Haun
Advise companies & funds. Teach @StanfordGSB. Board of Directors @Coinbase @HackerOne. Fmr fed prosecutor @JusticeDepartment alum @Stanford @USSupremeCourt w/AK
0 13


Elizabeth Rossiello Profile Image Elizabeth Rossiello
Founder/CEO @BitPesa, feminist, and Carmen Sandiego addict. Building Africa's Digital Payment Infrastructure #MovewithAfrica
0 13


Amanda   Gutterman Profile Image Amanda Gutterman
cmo @consensys & co-creator @etherealsummit. blockchain is a series of tubes.
0 12


Maxine Ryan Profile Image Maxine Ryan
Co-founder of @bitsparkltd, world's
0 12


Jillian Godsil Profile Image Jillian Godsil
Crypto Advocate, Journalist and Speaker ( Also Law changer, DublinCityFM, rep'd Jonathan Williams. B'times @eroticadarling
0 11


Alice Lloyd George Profile Image Alice Lloyd George
VC @RRE. Tech, art, science, the future, time travel, wookiepedia. Host @thefluxpodcast
0 11


Sarah Hody Profile Image Sarah Hody
Attorney @PerkinsCoieLLP, formerly @Coinbase. Opinions my own. Content != legal advice. Enthusiast of: blockchains, running, sustainability, music, wine, love.
0 10


Emily Vaughn Profile Image Emily Vaughn
Product Director of #Blockchain for @change_HC Curator of playlists. Puppy promoter. Hodlr of #bitcoin @DISTLedger
0 10


Carolyn Reckhow Profile Image Carolyn Reckhow
Macro Social Worker for the Internet. Decentralization & Blockchain Technology. Director of Operations @ConsenSys
0 9


Connie Gallippi Profile Image Connie Gallippi
Founder & Ex Dir @BitGiveOrg Revolutionizing Philanthropy w/ Bitcoin & Blockchain since 2013; Equity Advocate; Outdoor Enthusiast; World Wonderer; opinions mine
0 9


Catherine Coley Profile Image Catherine Coley
Now @ripple // previously on the FX trading floors of #HongKong and #London w/ @morganstanley; #GoTarHeels; my tweets are my own thoughts
0 8


Claire Cockerton Profile Image Claire Cockerton
CEO of Plexal, Founder of ENTIQ & Innovate Finance, Co-Creator of Level39, Techbiker - Loves IoT, FinTech, Smart Cities, Design & Boldness in humans
0 8


Marie-Antoinette Profile Image Marie-Antoinette
CEO & Founder @C2urLegacy. I love family, crypto & cake! Not always in that order ;)! See to ur crypto legacy with
0 7


Marie Wieck Profile Image Marie Wieck
#Engineer, #WomenInTech advocate, and leader of #IBMBlockchain. Tweets are my own.
0 7


Catheryne Nicholson Profile Image Catheryne Nicholson
CEO @BlockCypher, Engineer, former US Naval Officer, Mother, STEM advocate for girls
0 6


Melanie Swan Profile Image Melanie Swan
The brain as a DAC, potentiation as a demurrage currency. Philosopher, futurist, entrepreneur, trader, traveler, blockchain researcher, information theorist
0 6


Blythe Masters Profile Image Blythe Masters
Blythe Masters is CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, LLC
0 5


Maria Gomez Profile Image Maria Gomez
0 5


Tina Bhatnagar Profile Image Tina Bhatnagar
VP Operations and Technology @Coinbase Previously: Operations VP @Twitter @Salesforce @IBM
0 4


Rachel Mayer Profile Image Rachel Mayer
product @circleinvest. co-founded @triggerfinance. ex @jpmorgan trader. Mother of triggers. Markets, tech and the occasional beyonce gif. Hecho en Venezuela
0 4


Jana Christel Perlet Profile Image Jana Christel Perlet
Emerging Tech | Nerdisms | Deep Web Explorer | Marketing Strategist | Bitcoin Enthusiast | Marketing @ Panorama Antennas
0 3


Ambre Profile Image Ambre
CEO @KaikoData (we're hiring!)- main interests include financial markets, digital assets, blockchain, agtech, and good wines!
0 3


Charlene   Chen Profile Image Charlene Chen
COO of @BitPesa | Social Intrapreneur | Connector | Business & Tech in Africa | @BerkeleyHaas Alum
0 2


Suna Said Profile Image Suna Said
Founder and CEO of Nima Capital, a family office which invests in all asset classes, across geographies, industries and stages. Focus on Blockchain vertical.
0 2


Nathana Sharma Profile Image Nathana Sharma
passionate student of life, the universe and everything
0 1


Anastasia Shvetsova Profile Image Anastasia Shvetsova
Managing Partner, M&A PR studio. Cryptoinvestor. PR for Bitfury, Blockshow, SingularityNET, Ripio and etc. Pianist, Jazz singer
0 1
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9:11pm - 16th May 2018
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9th May - 16th May 2018
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Our Women in Blockchain list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Our sister company Marketing Runners specialises in increasing the profile of brands and personalities, so if there are people you think should be higher on our list or someone who is not included on the list and wants greater exposure, then get them to contact the Marketing Runners team who may be able to help.

Inspired by Tim Campbell MBE.

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