Top 200 Most Influential PR Agencies Power List 2017 (Richtopia)

PR Agencies Top 200: From Edelman to Porter Novelli, These Are the Most Influential Communications Firms in the World (2018)

The 200 Most Influential Public Relations Firms 2018:

Whether you’re a would-be PR company or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short descriptions of those who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top PR firms. It’s a list of influential agencies at effectively having soft-power and being pro-active, particularly in the social media sphere.

Here’s what some of them said about this list:

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Top 200 Most Influential PR Agencies (Famous Power List) by Richtopia [2018 Edition] Part 1 of 2 Top 200 Most Influential PR Agencies (Famous Power List) by Richtopia [2018 Edition] Part 2 of 2

Here’s some more comments:

We use Kred scores to rank influencers. Kred takes into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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