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Browser Wars: Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox vs. Microsoft Edge Insider

Which browser to choose between Chrome, Edge Insider, or Firefox

Which is better? Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Edge Insider?

There are a few browsers available, but the following three keep up a steady lead over all the others.

Microsoft got forced years ago to untie its Internet Explorer from Windows by making way for new browsers. It removed the advantage it once had of being readily accessible.

Chrome came on the scene in 2008 and changed the game. It was faster and offered a lot more perks and a streamlined design.

It remained PCMag Editor’s Choice for many years running.

The competitiveness in the browser landscape forced Firefox to redesign their interface and give even more performance enhancements and browser tools.

And so the browser-wars began.

Mozilla Firefox:


If security, privacy, and complete customisation of your browser are as important as speed, Firefox is the browser you need.

It is a browser built by a non-profit organisation with change-makers in mind and is the individualists’ dream when it comes to features.

The interface design changes have made it the single most customizable browser in history.

Mozilla Firefox is jailbroken by design so users can hack their browsing experience in every perceivable way.

You can change the appearance, configure the toolbars, apply geeky protocols, and it offers more extensions than ever before.

All of the browsers provide advanced tools, but Firefox delivers the most advanced extensions reminiscent to premium software, yet accessible for entirely free within their browser.

Firefox won’t be much of a threat to Google, as long as the latter still pays the former $375m per year to be the default search engine on Firefox.

But this doesn’t stop Firefox from being an opportunity for Microsoft’s Bing search engine either.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome

The connection Google Chrome provides across every device is impressive. However, it is not the most secure browser, and it lacks a great deal when it comes to privacy.

Google Chrome has the fastest JavaScript capabilities and fully supports HTML5, but it is not considered tops when it comes to graphics hardware acceleration.

It still maintains a loyal following of those who love to use Google-based services, most notably the popular search engine.

Due to its open-source nature, it houses the most extensions when compared with any other browser. However, this has sometimes led to people installing spyware and malware on their internet-enabled devices as a negative consequence.

So far, Google Chrome tests the fastest for streaming videos on YouTube. It also provides an inbuilt feature to cast media on Google’s Chromecast devices, which has been a competitive advantage since 2013.

Chrome is simple, easy to use and fast. But could it be losing its competitive edge to Edge?

Microsoft Edge Insider:

Microsoft loading

Edge Insider is available through beta-testing at the time of writing, and it seems like this new kid on the block, and the most mature of the bunch, is making a significant comeback.

It seems the modernised Edge browser is already beating the competition in most benchmark tests, from ram-usage to page load speeds.

Yet it’s still too early to tell which browser will win when it comes to processes and performance metrics.

The funniest thing has got to be how Microsoft is using Google’s open-source software called Chromium as the infrastructure for its new Edge Insider browser.

Nevertheless, there is a downside: Microsoft is forcing people to use its services Bing and Outlook as the default options.

Yet a cool upside which almost makes-up for this wrong UX decision is their cross-platform compatibility when it comes to integrating Google’s Chromecast for streaming.

The only thing left for Microsoft to do to make Edge Insider my default browser. If they allow full cross-platform compatibility by giving Gmail accounts an effective synchronisation option for their new browser

When it comes to innovation, cross-platform compatibility is genius! Whichever browser offers more of it could become the winner in the mid-term.

It’s one of the smart tricks Epic Game’s used when developing Fortnite. Cross-party availability helped make Fortnite the most actively played ‘social’ video games in the world.


The best browser for you will be the one that offers what you need in extension support, customisation, speed, privacy, security and browsing tools.

While the offerings of Mozilla Firefox felt extensive, those of Edge Insider felt limited, and those of Google Chrome might felt average.

The best way to choose which browser is better for you is to try all three and see which one offers you what you need.

Maybe you might even decide none of them work for you, and end up using a different browser such as Opera or Apple’s Safari

Final take:

If you want access to a broad range of developer tools and for optimal privacy protection, while using smart features; go for Mozilla Firefox. Recommended for young-disruptors.

If you want the best accessibility across all devices, a beautiful design, and a fast browser experience with some cross-compatibility; go for Google Chrome. Recommended for mainstream-users.

If you want the fastest speeds, simplicity, and decent privacy while being limited to Microsoft‘s services; go for Edge Insider. Recommended for mature-browsers.

Pun-intended. 🙂