Wendy Nolin

Wendy Nolin
Austin, TX, USA

Hey, I’m Wendy, Ass Kicker for Hire and Strategic Thinking Partner to professionals and executives.

I call myself an Ass Kicker because I’ve discovered that clients need the stiletto, or the fuzzy slipper. Either way, they’re gettin’ it!

I believe you can be as successful as you can imagine, and then some. I also believe you can just as easily stand in the way of your own success.

Hence the need for a little ass-kicking.  [ I promise it’ll only hurt for a minute! ]

What makes me a good coach is a handful of successes, and too many failures to even count. It’s in the failures, the mistakes along the way, that I’ve learned the most and carried forward and offer to you, dear visitor, to help you achieve your maximum potential and highest success.

My career started in customer service and sales in the transportation industry, where I got my teeth kicked in over the phone, and was sworn at in probably 16 languages in person.

Next, I moved into consumer goods sales & management, where I was serving high-end clientele with discerning tastes, demanding attitudes [and ill-behaving children]. Here I honed my skills as a Sales Diagnostician, able to pinpoint with laser accuracy where my sales team lost a prospect, honing my own sales and training skills.

I’ve also worked in management, sales, marketing, training & coaching in the technology  and professional services industries, which brings me to present day.

Why Me As Your Coach?

Because I’m a successful business owner, and I’m a product of the product. I hired my own business coach to take my business to the next level. In fact, I will always have at least one coach, my business coach, to help me continue in my own professional development. The best coaches have coaches.

Why You?

Because you deserve to be as successful as you can imagine, and then some.

Are You Ready?

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