Odile Faludi

Odile Faludi

Odile Faludi
Sydney, Australia

Odile Faludi is a cold calling specialist but she hates the word “cold calling”. Odile says, it is all about “Starting a Customer Conversation.” When you have the right mindset the dialogue flows differently.

Odile runs half day workshops in Bondi Junction, Sydney teaching Business Development Consultants, Start-up Entrepreneurs and Sales teams how to initiate client conversations. The program covers lead generation tips, social media and smart calling ideas on dialogue. The focus of her program is on starting customer conversations and getting past “hello” and securing many new sales appointments. What has taken Odile twelve years to learn she generously shares in five hours with practical advice. The content of her communication course is not just for telephone calling but useful in meetings and can even be taken to the boardroom.

Odile is a passionate freelance writer and her natural love of words freely complements her course.


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