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Mattias Hjelmstedt

Mattias Hjelmstedt
Zürich, Switzerland

Mattias Hjelmstedt is CEO and Founder of Utopia Music. A serial entrepreneur, Mattias has successfully founded and sold a number of technology companies since the early 1990s. An unparalleled innovator, Mattias’s passion for combining media and tech has pushed him to help transform and build several industries including e-sports and digital TV.

Within e-sports, Mattias was one of the pioneers, designing the first social platforms for games and assisting in the creation of the software still used today to power some of the world’s largest games, including Battlefield. Unhappy with the state of the Video-on-Demand (VOD) services, Mattias was an early architect of VOD for premium film and p2p distribution. With this knowledge, Mattias was then able to successfully navigate TV’s challenging copyright landscape and help turn online TV into a global reality.

Mattias´s media career shows, above all, that he understands not only how to disrupt, innovate, and drive efficiency within established industries, but also how to create a user experience which propels growth and provides value for consumers.

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