Mariett Ramm

Mariett Ramm

Mariett Ramm
Much Hadham, UK

Mariett is a leadership consultant who combines coaching with a proven team/individual training program produced by the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. Her unique ability to lead disengaged or challenged teams to become whole and high-functioning comes from my own journey of self healing and development following a near death experience in 2015. The tremendous fortitude that it took to overcome, reinvent, and succeed brought out Mariett’s deep sense of compassion for people and organisations experiencing great challenge. Along with that compassion, she coaches from a place of transforming mindset through masterful skill and a gift for nurturing motivational drive.

The teams Mariett works with may be struggling through organisational crisis, restructuring, or developmental/growth issues. She understands the sense of loss that happens when a leader dies, leaves, or causes scandal. Having developed her own businesses and worked with high profile talent, she has witnessed the damage that can happen when employee apathy or leadership mismanagement occurs. Her skill and background in conjunction with Bob Proctor’s proven programs makes her uniquely qualified to be the solution.

Mariett tends to network mostly with C-levels, HR & Management pros, government, nonprofit, and social enterprise leaders globally.

-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified Therapist
-Proctor-Gallagher Institute Consultancy/Matrix Program Certification
-Nutritional Science, BA
-Successful Serial Entrepreneur
-Professional Trainer – Triathletes and Semi-Pro Cyclists- 2 years
-Hungarian born, speaks conversational French, Hungarian, English
-Available for travel and/or virtual work

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