Harry G. Truman 2015
Harry G. Truman 2015

Harry G. Broadman

Harry G. Broadman
Washington, DC, USA

Harry G. Broadman is CEO, Proa Global Partners LLC; Johns Hopkins Faculty; Board Director; Forbes Columnist; Public Speaker.


30+ Years Global Experience Spanning:
• multinational corporate strategy & operations in emerging markets
• international private equity
• negotiating foreign investment & trade transactions & treaties
• sovereign wealth funds
• business-state disputes
• multilateral banking
• strategic alliances & public-private-partnerships
• corporate intelligence/reputational DD
• antitrust/competition policy & utility regulation
• corporate governance
• anticorruption
• public speaking
• non-executive board directorships

Sectoral Expertise:
capital-intensive (e.g., manufacturing, autos); energy/natural resources (e.g., oil & gas, solar, mines); services (e.g., finance, telecoms, aviation, ports, rail); retail and consumer; and regulated industries (e.g., electricity/utilities)

Geographic Expertise:
China & East Asia; India; Africa; Russia & CIS; Brazil, Colombia and Peru; Turkey; Eastern/Central Europe & Balkans; Kuwait, Egypt & Israel

Professional Reputation:
Insightful, creative and decisive about discovering and exploiting new business opportunities and developing innovative strategies to mitigate risks

Extensive experience in launching teams, enhancing performance, managing budgets and staff, and exercising responsibility for delivering against goals on a timely basis

Demonstrated skills to facilitate commercially and technically complex negotiations and develop practical solutions

Extensive personal network of senior officials in business, government and NGOs worldwide

Strong track record of lively intellectual curiosity, with the confidence, maturity, honesty and presence to collaborate, integrate, and create trust among people with a variety of skillsets and/or cultural perspectives

Devoted to the highest ethical standards and scrupulous exercise of independent judgment

Recognized as a cutting-edge thought-leader and writer, and sought-after mentor

Engaging, dynamic public speaker, especially in high-profile fora, delivering a compelling point-of-view