Derin Cag

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Derin Cag
London, UK

Derin Cag is the founder of Richtopia and co-founder of Marketing Runners and Blockchain Age. Richtopia’s mission is to enrich lives using innovative information, with an ultimate vision in alignment with the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Derin is a thought-leader, growth hacker, and author of e-books. He is also a guest lecturer at INSEEC Group / University of Monaco.

Derin is regularly invited to speak at international conferences on topics including the implications of the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation, AI, IoT, blockchain, crypto-currencies and social entrepreneurship. Derin finds global trends and disruptive technologies for making the world a better place of particular interest.

Derin has had the pleasure of interviewing/being interviewed by global industry experts such as Vitalik ButerinDon Tapscott and Helen Clark for example.

Richtopia was founded in 2014 and has attracted a notable audience including names like Richard BransonGuy KawasakiBrian TraceyElif ŞafakPaulo Coelho and more. Richtopia has been mentioned across various media outlets including Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, HBR (Harvard) and CNN to name a few.

In 2015 Derin started Blockchain Age, a decentralised research centre and digital data consultancy for blockchain technology, with Dinis Guarda. The Blockchain Age think tank produces collectively crowdsourced research and big data through top thought-leaders and open source intelligence on how blockchain is set to change specific industries and society.

Derin is also the co-founder of professional services firm Marketing Runners, formed in 2016 with Tim Campbell MBE. Marketing Runners provides advisory and consultancy services on web development, social media marketing, digital asset development/acquisition, video production, public relations and crisis management.

According to The Huffington Post, Derin Cag is one of “four blockchain thought leaders you should be turning to for advice during the crypto craze”BBVA Bank thinks he’s among the “eleven Twitter accounts to stay-upto-date on blockchain” and Inc Magazine states he’s “one of the leading cryptocurrency experts”.

Derin Cag can be contacted via e-mail on:

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