Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Chris Wong
San Francisco, CA, USA

Chairman & CEO at LifeSite.

Chris is a proven and highly-regarded strategist in the enterprise software industry. Over the past 25 years, Chris has held a variety of senior management positions and helped chart and participate in the execution of some of the most successful technology companies in Silicon Valley. He has extensive M&A and business development experience; leveraging a vast network of business partners and resources.

Most recently, Chris has been providing strategic consulting and assisting enterprise software and/or technology companies on breakthrough/breakaway strategies/initiatives, business planning, product strategy and revenue model development.

Prior to this, Chris has served as the CEO for PathConnect, a private new media company; and as the EVP and Chief Product Officer for Agile Software which was acquired by Oracle in July 2007. Previous to Agile, Chris was responsible for charting the strategic direction for product- and technology-related initiatives and activities at PeopleSoft as the Vice President of Products and Technology Strategy. Additionally, as the chairman, CEO, and Founder of SkillsVillage, Inc. he led a start-up company from its inception to acquisition by PeopleSoft in June 2001.

He currently serves as an advisor to Garage Technology Ventures and is active on a number of boards including Compass Life Designs, the Make The Difference Network, the Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE),, PixBlitz Studios, Orb Media Group and Ravenflow.

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