Cathy Pickens Anderson

Cathy Pickens

Cathy Pickens
Charlotte, NC, USA

Cathy’s wide-ranging interests and experiences can be gathered into one passion: story. As a fiction writer, she tells stories. As a consultant, speaker, and principal in CIE, she helps others tell their stories, either as creative writers or through their business success.

Workshops she offers include developing individual creativity, innovation leadership, negotiation, business ethics, creative writing, and the business of writing. I’ve worked with Bank of America, Piedmont Natural Gas, the Carolina Panthers, City of Charlotte, Little, Coca-Cola Bottling, EnPro, SeaLand, Clariant, DSS, hospital systems, school systems, physicians’ groups, and others.

City of Charlotte

Cathy has led a volunteer initiative to train jail inmates on how to start their own businesses when they re-enter the community. Her latest venture is offering education and mentoring for business start-ups as a principal with Carolinas Institute for Entrepreneurship.

As a keynote or featured speaker, she’s appeared at regional and national conferences and events.

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