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Andy Cummings

Andy Cummings
Andy Cummings
San Francisco, CA, USA

Andy has been with Versaic since 2003 and has been instrumental in building Versaic’s leadership position in the sponsorship and philanthropy markets. Over the years, through his extensive knowledge of Versaic’s product architecture and thousands of conversations with clients, Andy has built a solid understanding of how the Versaic platform can be adapted to create the most relevant applications and client solutions.

Andy has a knack for bridging client requirements with technology capabilities and works closely with each client to ensure their solution is fully configured to meet and exceed all requirements. He has a well-earned reputation for anticipating client needs and responding with practical solutions. Andy’s role as Director of Client Solutions includes evaluating new product, market and partnership opportunities for best alignment with Versaic strategies.

A collaborator and relationship-builder at heart, Andy works closely with Versaic’s strategic partners and clients to expand the breadth and depth of the company’s solution offerings. Andy graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Business Management Economics.



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