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Powerful Women Secrets: Chelsey Baker (Exclusive Video Interview)

How Mentorship is Making the World a Better Place We are delighted to share this exclusive interview with Chelsey Baker, the founder of National Mentoring Day, as part of our Powerful Women Secrets series. In this thought-provoking Q&A Chelsey Baker discusses what mentorship means to her and how she helps her mentees from planning to establishing powerful businesses. She also shares her top tips on pitching, public-speaking, mentorship, plus much more. You’re in for a Treat! It is Chelsey Baker’s belief that mentorship should be available to any person or collective who requires it. This includes people in education establishments, communities, governments, youth-sectors, armed forces, prisons, ... Read more

Democracy vs. Dictatorship in the Workplace

Are You a Totalitarian Dictator at Work? “Metamorphic” is my description of Chris Argyris’s discussion at Harvard. Chris had an exceptional power to act by holding a mirror and showing his pupil that they were not as courteous as they believed to be. Chris found that people who run organisations function in harmony with one of two patterns: totalitarian dictatorship or collective development. People who run organisations and rule through totalitarian dictatorship presume that they are always correct, and people who hold different opinions are incorrect; collective developers presume that different opinions could be correct and worth delving into. Chris identified that all people who run organisations he studied functioned in harmony with the totalitarian dictatorship method. It took severe rearranging and ability training to change to the collective development method. By all means, we were not ... Read more

Powerful Women Secrets: Celia Sawyer (Exclusive Video Interview)

We are pleased to share this special interview with one of the most successful businesswomen in the UK as part of our Powerful Women Secrets programme. Celia Sawyer shares her story, top tips on interior design and views on what’s needed for success. Most people know Celia Sawyer for her luxury interior designs and as a star on BBC & Channel 4, but what many may not know is that she has been innovative for many years. We asked Celia: What she would change if she was Prime Minister for a day … Which books she recommends … And more! Beware! This ... Read more

Young Millionaire Secrets: Jordan Daykin on Entrepreneurship

Shocking Ways Jordan Daykin Will Inspire You to Become a Better Entrepreneur …  The most successful Dragons’ Den winner to date and entrepreneur Jordan Daykin offers information he wishes had been given when he started out, as part of the Richtopia programme, Young Millionaire Secrets. According to an article on The Daily Mail, Jordan Daykin went from being accused of burgling his mum’s house one year to being a millionaire the next. He leveraged the power of innovation by creating GripIt Fixings, a heavy-duty plasterboard fixing product. From there, he went on Dragons’ Den and received an angel investment from Deborah Meaden. The rest is history! Jordan has been an entrepreneur since ... Read more

Why India’s Tortoise May Beat China’s Hare

Intense attention is focused on India’s strengthening economic prospects. With good reason: in 2014, India’s GDP growth rate in real terms matched China’s, which is in decline, perhaps not only cyclically but secularly. Moreover, for 2015 and 2016, the International Monetary Fund forecasts India’s growth actually will substantially exceed China’s. As I argue in “Why India’s Tortoise May Beat China’s Hare,” my latest monthly column in Forbes, India will not overtake the size of the Chinese economy, the ‘second largest’ in the world, anytime soon. However, there are good reasons to believe – many of which are not often examined in ... Read more

The New Queen of Jewellery: An Interview With Alyssa Smith

According to an article on The Guardian, Alyssa Smith went from launching her own hand-made jewellery company one year to buying her own home the next. She leveraged the power of the Internet by creating a website and sharing her products on social media. From there, celebrities noticed her amazing talent and started wearing her jewellery. The rest is history! Alyssa has won upwards of 14 awards since incorporating her company, including from Lloyds TSB, Smarta, Specsavers and SBS Theo Paphitis. She has won the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award‘ for under 30’s and the ‘Real Life Entrepreneur Award” of the year. She was also voted one of the top 100 Jewellers in the UK which is ... Read more

6 Things Successful CEOs Do Before Sleeping

Being a CEO is challenging. Did you know that CEOs work ten times more than the usual 8-hour work shift that comes with corporate jobs? Yes, they have the entire welfare of the company on their shoulders. It’s crucial that they work extra hard to keep everything running smoothly and successfully. The key to success is not only about working hard, but the CEOs have to plan and make good decisions too. So, here are a few things they do before bed that helps them keep calm and handle immense pressures… 1. Think over the day: This involves analyzing, recapping, ... Read more

History of the Great British Pound

The Great British Pound (GBP) is the oldest fiat money still in use today. Also called the pound sterling, it was introduced in the 8th Century. The GBP has survived more than 10 economic crises, and many major events including the English Revolution and two world wars, since its inception. As England will soon be joining Scotland in circulating the new polymer banknotes, RichTopia and Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog wanted to offer you a look at a visual guide created on the history of the Great British Pound. We thought it may be of interest to share as a reminder of the original lifespan of a British ... Read more

Kristina Rihanoff: Life and Career (Exclusive Video Interview)

RichTopia is glad to share this exclusive interview with one of the best and most successful dancers in the UK. You’re in for a treat! Kristina Rihanoff of BBC Strictly Come Dancing fame shares her views on success, hard work and helping others and tells us what is most important for those aspiring to reach their goals. Everyone knows Kristina Rihanoff for her dancing dexterity on the BBC hit show Strictly Come Dancing, but what many may not know is that she has always been very entrepreneurial. We asked Kristina about: How she made her extensive knowledge of Ballroom a success… What difficulties she ... Read more

How China Is Making Sizeable Investments in the UK

The surge of new businesses emerging in the UK in all different sectors has drawn the focus of investors to take interest in the favorable outlook of business in the UK. One of the most prominent investors in the UK is the Chinese who are keen to invest in businesses including exciting startups.  China Daily recently conducted a research which reported that UK businesses with Chinese parent companies identified the 25 fastest-growing companies by turnover, employing more than 4,000 people and generating revenues of over £25 billion. About Rockstar Hubs’ role in the current scenario, Jonathan Pfahl said: “A couple of years ... Read more