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How to Start Using Twitter for Business

A Guide on How to Use Twitter

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for SME’s.

A Tweet is an outstanding instrument. Many people, establishments, businesses — big and small, regional and international — all use Twitter to make their presence known. Each week billions of Tweets flow through Twitter relating to virtually any conceivable subject. This guide aims to benefit small enterprises learn how to use Twitter better. Twitter can help your company interact with clients, amplify your message, and consequently, expand your business: 

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Tweets are the building blocks of your communications on Twitter.You’ll be surprised by how much you can say in 140 characters or less.


A hashtag is any word beginning with the # sign. People use hashtags to organize conversations around a specific topic. Clicking on a hashtag takes youto search results for that term.


Sometimes you want to bring a Tweet to someone’s attention, but you still want all of your followers to see the message. So instead of a reply, use a mention.Include the @username of whomever you want to mention in your Tweet, and it will appear in the Mentions section (in the Connect tab). All @username mentions are clickable and link back to the mentioned individual’s profile.


You can respond to a Tweet by hitting the reply button. When you reply, your response is public, and will show up in your home timeline and the timeline of the person to whom you are responding. The reply will also be visible in the home timelines of people who follow both you and the person to whom you sent the reply. Meaning, someone not in the conversation has to follow both of the people replying to be able to read both sides of the conversation.


You can pass along someone’s Tweet by retweeting it. Just hit the retweet button to send the original message to all of your followers.


Twitter’s link-shortening feature allows you to post a link of any length into the Tweet box and it will automatically be shortened to 19 characters. This makes it easier to fit long URLs into the 140 character limit.

Your Profile

Design every element of your profile to best reflect your business. Your name, bio, website and profile picture should all work together to tell your story.

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  • Choose a profile image that is strongly associated with your business.
  • Include a link to your website.
  • Write a clear and informative bio that describes your business, products or services.
  • Upload a profile header image that showcases your personality to immediately engage with your profile visitors.
  • A background image offers a large opportunity for branding and helps set the tone for your profile page.

How to Use Twitter for SME’s

Over time, your Tweets will convey your own voice and style. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through, or that of your employees. Of course, business styles vary. As you keep using Twitter, you’ll find your voice.

It’s very likely that your employees are tweeting from their own personal accounts. As a business owner, you can retweet or mention them when what they are tweeting about meshes nicely with your business’ interests and goals.

When you join Twitter, it’s tempting to start tweeting right away. But before you begin, it’s a good idea to follow and see businesses like yours to see what they are doing well, and to learn from their mistakes.

“To follow” someone means that you are subscribing to their stream of Tweets, and will automatically receive their Tweets in your timeline. When someone follows you, your Tweets will show up in their timeline. Twitter has an asymmetrical follower model, which means that you do not need to “approve” of the people who follow you, and they do not need to “approve” of you. However,you will likely want to follow back most of the people who follow your business. This acknowledges them, and enables them to send you direct messages.

Go to and use keywords associated with your business to look for related hashtags and keywords that are associated with similar businesses.Read through these results to get inspired by what people are already saying. In order to engage your customers, you’ll want to build from insights about their interests and comments to learn what types of content will be most appealing to them.

At you can also enter your product or business name to see what people are saying about you.

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