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Here’s What Marketers Can Learn From LinkedIn’s Top 10 Business Pages

An analysis of the ten most successful LinkedIn business pages from a marketing perspective.

LinkedIn has become the world’s leading social media platform for businesses and corporate entities.

Used for networking, communication, and, most important, marketing, it’s easy to see why the site has exploded over the last few years to 655 million global users.

Using it successfully is a lot trickier than seeing its potential, though.

Thankfully, LinkedIn posts the top 10 of its business profiles each year to show which strategies are the most successful.

Let’s take a look at some of these strategies, giving you the chance to start thinking about adopting them for your company page.

Video Is King

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Five of the ten pages on LinkedIn’s 2019 list have found success using video content.

Users are far more likely to sit down and watch a video than they are to read pages of text, with 45% of people watching more than an hour of video on sites like Facebook and YouTube each week.

Video can be costly to produce and often comes with a lot of challenges for you to overcome, though this will be worth it to be able to provide easy-to-digest information to your users.

You will find it far easier to convey your message accurately when you’re using video to do it.

Companies like Philips and Teleperformance have made video content the cornerstone of their life on LinkedIn.

The Face of the Business

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People don’t like the idea of buying products or services from a business that doesn’t have any heart or soul.

Even the largest of companies have the capacity to be welcoming and friendly, though.

Three of the companies on LinkedIn’s list use their executives and employees in their social media marketing.

This will make prospective customers feel more comfortable about spending money with you.

It will show that your business is run by real people, while also putting across the image of a business that cares about the people working for it.

Hotmart has taken this idea by the horns, celebrating employees’ birthdays and anniversaries on its LinkedIn network.

This type of idea can enable you to better leverage the following of each of your employees on LinkedIn.

A Tool for Learning

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People are used to having to pay for things on the Internet, with information and knowledge often demanding the highest premiums.

By providing lightweight, snackable educational resources to your users, you can draw them into spending money with you, while also showing that you know your stuff.

Writing blogs and articles that teach your users how to use your services better is an excellent way to handle this.

Five of 2019’s best LinkedIn pages use this sort of strategy with their marketing, writing about topics that impact their users but won’t lose them money.

People are much happier to work with companies like Cognixia when they’ve had the chance to learn about their field for free.

A Community Spirit

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Taking a political stance can be a dangerous game in the world of business, though there is a way to handle something like this that will make the majority of your users happy.

Showing involvement with charities and community efforts, and other actions that support your local area is always a good idea.

Companies like Jabil have been able to build a strong following from their community spirit.

Sharing posts with the #JabilCares tag, this company has supported organizations like the American Heart Association and Breast Cancer Research.

Everyone agrees that these causes are essential, giving businesses some major brownie points when they show that they support them.

Marketing on a website like LinkedIn can be a complicated process.

Not a lot of business owners know how to make it work for them, but you can always look to the most successful pages on a site like this to get some ideas.

It’s easy to see that educational video content that features executives and employees from your business will almost always be the best marketing materials to use.

This will be even better if you’re able to tie a good cause to it, as people will respond very well to this sort of approach.

Of course, as time goes on, it will make sense to assess your successful posts to make sure that you’re learning from yourself, too.

LinkedIn is always growing and improving, offering new features that can help to power your business.

A tool like this will be near useless if you’re not using it correctly, though, and this makes it well worth spending some time to learn.

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