What Forbes Can’t Tell You About Building Your Reputation and Brand

Paula Deen’s Reputation Story

Paula Deen Once upon a time, Paula Deen was a monarch of food-based TV shows. Until her good-name and brand took a colossal blow for making racist comments. Virtually immediately, her fierce and trendy program got removed from TV. Her single possible choice to get back into broadcasting was to get the complete copyrights to her Food Network seasons and start an online TV network, anticipating to fix her status.

The Reputational Tale of Arthur Andersen

In 2001, Arthur Andersen was among the biggest professional services conglomerates on Earth. The same year its consulting sector detached in a sour separation lawsuit. Next, the Enron wrongdoing shined the spotlight on questionable shredding activities for some Andersen staff. This drove to an obstruction-of-justice conviction which ultimately dissolved the Arthur Andersen brand. Just like Paula Deen, some past Partners are looking to relaunch the brand.

Repuational Risk and Arthur Anderson

Your Brand Reputation Is Frail

Long-periods of drudgery and accomplishment can vanish at short notice. With little effort. I saw it crop up many times. Nobody has protection.

It is eventual that one day, your name or brand will catch a blow. Even the finest groups come across issues.

Apple Inc. is handling “bendgate” and a miscalculated iOS 8.01 release. Despite the fact that these are excusable slips, they could be managed – in just and upright ways – with good ethics.

The Tylenol Scare of 1982

Tylenol Cyanide Poisoning Panic

Looking back at the 1982 Tylenol panic – a prime amount of people in Chicagoland died due to cyanide poisoning as a result of consuming Tylenol.

On building the Johnson and Johnson brand An occasion like this simply could have disintegrated the brand. However Johnson & Johnson acted fast. Although they were aware that the poisonings were not their mistake alone, they announced a domestic recollection of 31,000,000 bottles of the painkiller from store counters, worth more than $99 million. They also allowed this to develop their packaging & labeling to avert meddling in times to come.

In conclusion …

Paparazzi PR Nightmare What could have embodied a public relations hell brought lots of positive reports due to their professional conduct over the event. It rocketed their brand as the one to have assurance in.

Catastrophes occur. You are as good as hopeless to avoid them. How you acknowledge them will determine if your reputation gets shattered or fortified.


Editor: Derin Cag (Founder and CEO at RichTopia)