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5 Top Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings in 2016

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Search Engine Optimisation Basics: How SEO Works in 2016

Search engine rankings have never been more important for local businesses, and with more and more companies now embracing the Internet and all that it has to offer, it’s time to get clued up on how to get your business to the top of Google – thus attracting more consumers.

The biggest problem we face is that the factors which decide search engine rankings are always changing. What worked in 2014 may not necessarily work in 2016. When you think you’ve found the net, the goal posts get moved again. Annoying! Let’s take a look at some ways you can boost your search engine rankings for 2016.

So what are some of those SEO techniques that still work?

#1: Get Reviews

Getting reviews on the Internet is rather like spreading the word. The more reviews of your website and business, the more likely that you will enjoy better search engine rankings. You can secure reviews by communicating with clients, working closely with people, and basically working diligently and professionally with others. The aim is to get reviews of your business on key sites.

#2: Make Use of On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation means putting in the effort to get your website in the best possible shape for search engine rankings. This doesn’t just mean good content – it means working on your meta descriptions, your alt tags, as well as making sure your landing page loads quickly. If you ignore your meta’s, you’re not allowing search engines to crawl your site properly. In other words, you aren’t optimising your business.

#3: Directory Listings Are Your New Friend

Did you know that search engines love authenticity? You probably did because it’s by now a given that search engines hate spam and will do anything to defeat it. To affirm your companies authenticity, you could do a lot worse than list it in online business directories for your local indexes, such as local business listings. The more directory listings in which your business gets listed, the more authority you have in search engines. Spread the word – put in the effort.

#4: Inbound Links Are Still Your Friend

To show the ever-changing factors of what decides search engine rankings, link building used to be fundamental. Now it is displaced by directory listings as a more potent way of giving you the edge over your rivals. But link building is still important, especially when they are coming from highly relevant and ranking sources, which is why it’s necessary that you engage with influencers, bloggers and other websites to build up a rapport that will see you reach a wider audience.

#5: Great Content!

There is nothing more off-putting than arriving on a website only to find that the content is as dull as a dishwater. Poor content means your bounce rate will skyrocket. A high bounce rate means poor rankings. Instead, you need high click-through rates, which can only be achieved via good and relevant marketing content. As such, the maxim ‘content is king’ rings true; if you create content that satisfies and pleases the consumer, your rankings will improve.



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