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Social Media Marketing Tips 2015

Social media is an incredible marketing asset, but it frequently underutilized. Worse still, some marketers frequently rule it out as effective in terms of returns on investment. However, about 80% of social media marketers say they’ve seen a dramatic rise in their website traffic from social media marketing campaigns.

In fact, research has shown that most of the marketers who claim that social media does not work for them or their clients often have one thing in common: no effective social media strategy.

It is not enough to churn out content day after day, week after week. There has to be a goal; an effective strategy if you will. All content must have a specific mission. They have to address specific issues.  After that, you need to find proven and effective ways to get your content out to as many people as possible.

This is why you need the most important and effective social media marketing tools to help deliver excellent results. The best thing your CMO can hear from you is “we made you more money this week from your social media campaigns”. So, look for the following tools to make those profits happen:


An incredibly powerful social influence tool, Neoreach specializes in connecting your brand with a huge social media audience through highly influential social media personalities on Vine, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. If you fancy getting your content and message out to anywhere between 200,000 to 5+million rabid social media users, this is the tool to use.


Buffer is a staple among all serious social media marketers because of its ability to syndicate posts and content through many social media platforms. All posts can be scheduled to go out at specific times. This is great for getting your content to your audience at their most receptive times. It is also effective for tracking and measuring content and audience engagement across the various platforms.

Post Planner

If Facebook is your main area of expertise, then Post Planner will be an awesome tool for you. It helps with scheduling posts on Facebook. It has a huge array of invaluable tools that you will find very useful if your social media marketing is restricted to just Facebook.


If you want to find extremely popular content and are interested in jumping on trends, this is the tool to have. All you have to do is enter your target keyword(s), and it’ll return a list of very popular content. However, its “secret” potential is spying on your competition. With Buzzsumo, you can easily find your competitors’ most popular posts. This can give you an insight into popular posts that people in your industry would like and share.


Want to find a target audience on Twitter that might be receptive to whatever content you are creating immediately? NeedTagger is designed to do just that. Using a slew of keywords, you can find twitter users looking for specific items, services or content. This is an invaluable tool if you are looking to do some serious Twitter marketing.


Instagram and Pinterest are two hugely underutilized social media marketing platforms. Yes, marketers try all the time by posting a slew of pictures with very visible brand placements, but that is not all. You can gain insight into brand perception and acceptance on these platforms using Curalate. Plus, if you need possible brand influencers and evangelists on these platforms, you can find them using the tool.

Other tools that you might want to check out include SocialBro which is effective for monetizing Twitter followers, Collecto which categorizes brand mentions by location, Kingsumo Headlines which is a great way to split test content headlines and IFTTT.


Author: Oscar King is a freelance writer and experienced marketer who provides tips and advice for those looking to maximize the ROI of their marketing budget. If you wish to learn more about Oscar you can review his profile on Google+.

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