5 Ways to Build the Best Retail Sales Team

Everyone wants the best retail sales team, but not everyone has the best. Did you know that, according to The Economist, hiring the right person is “the biggest failing of businesses today” ? Too many of us shirk the recruitment process, approaching it casually and vainly hoping that we’ll hire the right candidates by stroke of luck.

This is why we don’t end up with superstars. This is why we don’t end up with an A-team of players who will get those sales we want, every time. This is why we end up with dwindling revenue. Sad face.

But cheer up, because there are ways you can improve your recruitment process. Let’s take a look at 5 ways that you can build the best possible retail sales team.

#1: Hire Positive People

When we’re sloppy by nature, our work tends to get sloppy. When we’re a boring person, we tend to make our work boring. We don’t look forward to it but see it as a form of punishment.

Conversely, positive people are positive at work no matter what. This is fundamental for retail. You need your team to stay positive, and you need them to buy into the idea that going to work as a chance for self-improvement. Moreover, a sales persons positivity will rub off on the consumer.

#2: Look For Innovation

We’re not asking you to hire the next Steve Jobs for your shop floor, but people who have a bit of spark about them might be the kind of creative people you need on your team.

Innovation on the shop floor can mean asking something different to the usual, “Hi, can I help you?” It could mean asking the customer if they’ve shopped here before. Creatively minded candidates tend to well in sales because they’re always thinking of ways they can win over the customer.

#3: Look For Experience

The Skills versus Experience debate has ranged on ever since the first cave man went to work, and it’s still raging now. Whilst employees say that it’s unfair to get overlooked because they lack the necessary experience, when it comes to building the best retail sales team, you really need to put experience first.

As anyone will tell you, selling on the shop floor takes experience and know-how. No matter what anyone has read in a book or heard at a seminar, those who have applied it all before will be the guys you need on your team.

#4: Communication Is Fundamental

When we say recruit good communicators, we don’t mean hire people who are really confident at talking to you about anything. A good communicator on a retail sales team is the kind of person who can succinctly and compactly describe something complex – such as a product. Good communicators whittle down the general into the specific, and talk in a direct, engaging language with their customers.

#5: Get Them To Talk To You

When conducting an interview with a candidate, get them to tell you a story. Perhaps ask them about past sales work, or how they handled a situation.

This will give you a clearer understanding work of how they work. Because a retail sales person needs the ability to convey a simple but engaging message to the customer, listening to them tell you a story will tell you how interesting they are as a person. If they excite you by the way they talk, take it is a good sign. If they fill their story with lots of fluff, take it as a bad sign.