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Browser Wars: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Internet Explorer


There are a few browsers available, but the following three keep up a steady lead over all the others. Browser Wars Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome hold a commanding audience over any in the field. Which one is the better to use? Microsoft got forced years ago to untie Internet Explorer from Windows. It removed the advantage it had by being readily available.

Chrome came on the scene in 2008 and changed the game. It was faster and offered a lot more perks and a streamlined design. It remained PCMag Editor’s Choice for years. This forced Firefox to redesign their interface and give even more performance enhancements and browser tools.


If security, privacy, and complete customization of your browser are as important as speed, Firefox is the browser you need. The interface design changes have made it the single most customizable browser in history. You can change the appearance, configure the toolbars and offers more extensions than ever before. All of the browsers offer HTML5 support, but Firefox provides the speed and privacy that many faithful users want.

Chrome 36

This browser is not considered the most secure, but the addition of Do Not Track with Google has helped. It has the fastest JavaScript capabilities and fully supports HTML5, but it is not considered tops when it comes to graphics hardware acceleration. It still maintains a loyal following of those that love to use Google based application-type websites and search engine. It is simple, extremely easy to use and fast.

Internet Explorer 11

IE11 is available for Windows 7 and 8 but is not usable with Vista or XP. The best thing that could be said about IE11 is that it is compatible with HTML5, which the earlier version was not. It can support WebGL and SPDY but does not support WebRTC. It does offer some cool capabilities such as tab-pinning and hardware acceleration. It provides excellent security and privacy with Do Not Track features.

The best browser for you will be the one that offers what you need in extension support, customization, speed, privacy, security and browsing tools. The best way to choose is to try all three and see which one offers you everything you need. Here at, we use Chrome the most.

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