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Business Journalists Top 250: From Henry Blodget to James Altucher, These Are the Most Influential Biz Journalists in the World

Whether you’re a would-be business journalist or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of business journalists who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top business journalsits. It’s a list of influential people at effectively having soft-power and being pro-active, particularly in the digital sphere.

Here’s what some of them said about this list:

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Rank Journalist Influence Power Score


Henry Blodget Profile Image Henry Blodget
Hello! I'm the founder, editor, and CEO of Business Insider. Thanks for following me!
999 100


James Altucher Profile Image James Altucher
For some reason, I've turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. Follow me on Instagram also at https://t.co/3tCmZQI4HV
998 100


Tammy Bruce Profile Image Tammy Bruce
President @IWV, NYT Best Selling Author, @FoxNews/ @FoxBusiness Contributor. @WashTimes Columnist. Italian. Scottish. Bookish. https://t.co/kyrcLxzmmX
991 99


Joseph Weisenthal Profile Image Joseph Weisenthal
Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @business. Fan of poker, chess, (American) handball, country music, and Chinese food.
986 99


Josh Barro Profile Image Josh Barro
MSNBC contributor. Host of KCRW's Left, Right & Center. Cohost w/ @popehat of LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers.
982 98


Maria Bartiromo Profile Image Maria Bartiromo
Anchor, Global Markets Editor Mornings with Maria @MorningsMaria 6-9 AM ET M-F on @FoxBusiness Network & @SundayFutures 10:00 AM ET Sundays @FoxNews.Channel
979 98


Dan Primack Profile Image Dan Primack
Biz editor @Axios. Pro Rata newsletter and podcast. [email protected]. DMs are open.
970 98


Glyn Moody Profile Image Glyn Moody
writer (Rebel Code), journalist, blogger. on openness, the commons, copyright, patents and digital rights. email: [email protected]; PGP: E4962A75
969 97


Charles Gasparino Profile Image Charles Gasparino
Charles Gasparino joined FOX Business Network (FBN) in February 2010 as Senior Correspondent. God, Country, Pullups and Vodka in that order
960 97


Brett LoGiurato Profile Image Brett LoGiurato
Executive news editor @businessinsider. @SyracuseU and @DailyOrange grad. A peanut-free feed. [email protected]
957 96


Dorie Clark Profile Image Dorie Clark
Contributor to @harvardbiz; marketing strategist & keynote speaker; @dukefuqua prof; author of Entrepreneurial You, Stand Out & Reinventing You.
956 96


Steve Kovach Profile Image Steve Kovach
Tech editor at https://t.co/FNmWSgQzKm
950 96


Owen   Thomas Profile Image Owen Thomas
Business editor at the @sfchronicle. "More militant than @nicknotned" —Vanity Fair. @alex's #Twitterdad. Email me: othomas at sfchronicle dot com.
949 95


Alyson Shontell Profile Image Alyson Shontell
US Editor-in-Chief, @BusinessInsider
948 95


Jane Friedman Profile Image Jane Friedman
Co-founder/editor of @HotSheetPub. I know far too much about the publishing industry. Previously: @VQR @WritersDigest / Indiana native.
939 94


Brian Sullivan Profile Image Brian Sullivan
Anchor & Senior National Correspondent for CNBC / husband & dad / VT Hokie / occasional car racer / Instagram @briansullivan
933 94


Alan Kohler Profile Image Alan Kohler
Publisher of The Constant Investor @TCIHQ, Business Editor at Large of The Australian and finance guy on the ABC news
932 94


Samuel Burke Profile Image Samuel Burke
CNN Business & Technology Correspondent
927 93


Shereen Bhan Profile Image Shereen Bhan
Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18. Series Editor of Young Turks, one of India's longest running shows that puts the spotlight on bright ideas & young entrepreneurs
911 93


Lucy Tobin Profile Image Lucy Tobin
Senior Writer at the Evening Standard; author; blogger. More at https://t.co/cOJHGpVUbQ. Blog: https://t.co/EkhRED6ubW. Books: http://t.co/wsu0TXVcd3
905 92


Dearbhail McDonald Profile Image Dearbhail McDonald
INM Group Business Editor. Eisenhower Fellow @EF_Fellows. Author, @Tedx speaker, violinist, #NewryGirl & twin.
904 92


Joy Doreen Profile Image Joy Doreen
903 92


Jim   Edwards Profile Image Jim Edwards
Founding editor of Business Insider U.K.
902 91


Brian D.   Evans Profile Image Brian D. Evans
Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. Founder @Influencive. Advisor. CMO. Gamer. Blockchain Influencer of the Year. Unorthodox problem solver.
901 91


Jo Ling Kent Profile Image Jo Ling Kent
NBC News Correspondent @NBCNightlyNews, @TODAYshow, @MSNBC. Covering business, tech, economy, cyber security, media, China etc. Minnesotan. [email protected]
899 90


Siraj Datoo Profile Image Siraj Datoo
All up in your @business (Digital news editor) | I have a podcast about Hajj (link in bio) | Formerly political reporter at BuzzFeed UK | Views all mine.
898 90


Adam Parsons Profile Image Adam Parsons
Sky News Business Correspondent. Insta: @skyadamp
897 90


Graeme Wearden Profile Image Graeme Wearden
Business reporter and liveblogger at the Guardian
896 89


Liz   Claman Profile Image Liz Claman
#1 Business News anchorwoman in America, passionate journalist. Claman Countdown 3pm ET on Fox Biz. Wife, mom, triathlete, CalBerkeley grad, chocoholic redhead
895 89


Josh Eidelson Profile Image Josh Eidelson
Labor reporter for Bloomberg News and Businessweek, covering the present of work. jeidelson at bloomberg dot net. [Usual disclaimers]
894 88


Kim Lachance Shandrow Profile Image Kim Lachance Shandrow
Senior editor. Business + tech journalist. Former @Entrepreneur West Coast editor. Standup comedian. Mama of not 1 but 3 teenagers (send help!).
893 88


Merryn Somerset Webb Profile Image Merryn Somerset Webb
Editor in chief of Moneyweek, the UK's best selling financial magazine. FT columnist. Views are my own.
892 88


Dan   Martin Profile Image Dan Martin
Head of content at small business network @e_nation, co-founder of arts, culture & lifestyle blog @LStyleDistrict & ambassador for @smwbristol
891 87


Douglas Fraser Profile Image Douglas Fraser
BBC Scotland business and economy editor
890 87


Jon   Fortt Profile Image Jon Fortt
CNBC Co-Anchor, Squawk Alley. Host, Fortt Knox (https://t.co/HJDIwJjcIs, https://t.co/Cv546rSbR9). Business journalist, tech roots.
889 86


Amy Cosper Profile Image Amy Cosper
Former Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur mag, Storyteller, Ducatista,'trep enthusiast, Speaker, Writer, Wanderluster, Adventurer, Founder of RadicalUpstarts
888 86


Daniel Gross Profile Image Daniel Gross
Author of books. Writer of columns at Slate, DailyBeast, Newsweek, Yahoo!. Purveyor of one-liners. Opinions my own.
887 86


Scott Mayerowitz Profile Image Scott Mayerowitz
Associated Press deputy business editor. New Yorker, husband, dad, skier, runner & foodie. Looking for adventures around the globe. [email protected]
886 85


Prashant Rao Profile Image Prashant Rao
Now: Deputy Europe Business Editor, @nytimes | Soon: Global Editor, @TheAtlantic | [email protected] Iraq Bureau Chief | [email protected] | PGP Key: https://t.co/AIAbWXPLfO
885 85


Alan Murray Profile Image Alan Murray
Chief Content Officer, Time Inc.; President, Fortune
884 84


Gillian Nelis Profile Image Gillian Nelis
Managing Editor of The Sunday Business Post newspaper. All views my own. Email [email protected]. Instagram: gnelis1. Snapchat: gnelis9
883 84


Ashley Lutz Profile Image Ashley Lutz
editor in chief and VP @bankrate @redventures. former executive editor @businessinsider. personal finance, consumer, retail, fast food
882 84


Mugambi M'Mutegi. Profile Image Mugambi M'Mutegi.
Communicator. Ex-business writer @BD_Africa - NMG. A man of letters. @AlfredFriendly fellow. @ManUtd
881 83


Sally   Bundock Profile Image Sally Bundock
Journalist, presenter of #BBCTheBriefing and #BBCBizLive. You can catch both on the BBC iPlayer. #PowerPartTime #MotherOfThreeBoys #ConferenceHost
880 83


Vikas Bajaj Profile Image Vikas Bajaj
I am an editor @nytimesbusiness. Previously: editorial writer @nytopinion, Mumbai bureau chief, housing & finance reporter; Dallas Morning News; Michigan State.
879 82


Simon Jack Profile Image Simon Jack
BBC Business Editor
878 82


Peter   Bruce Profile Image Peter Bruce
Columnist. Ex Editor, Business Day & Financial Mail, Joburg. Ex Madrid, Bonn Corr & UK News Editor, Financial Times. Sharks, Saracens, Spurs, Real Madrid..
877 82


Katie Jacobs Profile Image Katie Jacobs
Editor @supplymgmt. Before editor @hrmagazine. So: people stuff, procurement/supply, business, CSR, magazines, nonsense, gin. Views mine unless you want them
876 81


Mark Kleinman Profile Image Mark Kleinman
City editor of Sky News, City AM columnist and Charlton Athletic fan. London Press Club Business Journalist of the Year 2011 and 2015.
875 81


Bob Woodward Profile Image Bob Woodward
Bob Woodward is an associate editor at The Washington Post. "Fear: Trump in the White House" is now available: https://t.co/hvjKAP4e5f
874 80


Carleton English Profile Image Carleton English
@nypost hedge fund reporter. Former wealth manager, @cnbc & @thestreet. Love whiskey, coffee, Argentina, & tango. @ElliottSchoolGW alum. [email protected]
873 80


Nathan Bomey Profile Image Nathan Bomey
@USATODAY biz reporter. Former @freep. Author, AFTER THE FACT (2018) and DETROIT RESURRECTED (2016). Scriptwriter, WE ARE ALIVE doc (2019) [email protected]
872 80


Hilary Osborne Profile Image Hilary Osborne
Guardian reporter. You may know me from such stories as 'House prices rise' and 'Shock fall in house prices'. [email protected]
871 79


Rebecca Rosen Profile Image Rebecca Rosen
Senior editor at @TheAtlantic
870 79


Sarah Green Carmichael Profile Image Sarah Green Carmichael
Executive Editor at Harvard Business Review and co-host of the HBR IdeaCast and Women at Work. Headshot + header photo by the wonderful @bhcarmichael.
869 78


David Rowan Profile Image David Rowan
Book on non-bullshit innovation (Transworld, 2019). WIRED UK founding editor 2009-17. Ubiquitous speaker. Optimistic investor. david [at] https://t.co/sK7HFcgQUh
868 78


Christine Lagorio-Chafkin Profile Image Christine Lagorio-Chafkin
Author of WE ARE THE NERDS, out 10/2 about Reddit and Internet culture. Senior writer @Inc. Mama. My guy is @chafkin.
867 78


Cheryl Casone Profile Image Cheryl Casone
Host, FBN:am, Fox Business Network. Correspondent, Fox News. Author of The Comeback: How Today's Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully. Triathlete. Runner.
866 77


JaeKwon Son Profile Image JaeKwon Son
Maeil Business News group (Korea) San Francisco & Bay Area Bureau Chief and Correspondent / Author of Disruptors '파괴자들'
865 77


Caroline Hyde Profile Image Caroline Hyde
Business Anchor @BloombergTV. Penchant for tech, restaurants & Jay-Z...Views are my own.
864 76


Megan   Murphy Profile Image Megan Murphy
Gone fishin'. Ex-editor Bloomberg Businessweek, Washington bureau chief at @business, ex-FT, hard time on the banking and legal beats. Arsenal, Cubs, cricket
863 76


Sapna Maheshwari Profile Image Sapna Maheshwari
whatsupna? @nytimes reporter covering the sprawling world of advertising. pun lover, Tar Heel, CT native. tips/secrets/hellos to [email protected]
862 76


Ian King Profile Image Ian King
Business Presenter, Sky News & business columnist, The Times. All tweets my opinion. Ian King Live is on Sky News at 1830 UK time Mon-Thu
861 75


Cristina Alesci Profile Image Cristina Alesci
Money and Politics Correspondent for @CNN, unraveling complex connections, conflicts of interest and government ethics. https://t.co/P9J4hQJAHL
860 75


Chris   Preimesberger Profile Image Chris Preimesberger
Editor, Features & Analysis at eWEEK, covering IT business/innovation since 1995 & NCAA hoops for The AP since 1983. Creator of eWEEK Innovation site.
858 74


Jacob Schlesinger Profile Image Jacob Schlesinger
Chronicling Abenomics and other intriguing changes in the Asian landscape @WSJ. Ex-Tokyo bureau chief, DC journalist, current political junkie.
857 74


James Hurley Profile Image James Hurley
Business stuff at The Times, including editing Working Life / enterprise pages. Formerly Daily and Sunday Telegraph. [email protected]
856 73


Dave Lee Profile Image Dave Lee
I'm the BBC's Silicon Valley reporter. Find me on BBC TV, radio and online. TIPS: DMs open, Signal: (628) 400-7370
855 73


Robert Ward Profile Image Robert Ward
Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Expert on world economy, business issues and industry trends. Based in London. http://t.co/LsQMllWTQx
854 73


Emma Haslett Profile Image Emma Haslett
Business journalist, credit @markets. 'Lazy journalist', 'globally insignificant', 'minion of the biased mainstream media'. Tips: [email protected]
853 72


Tom Zizka Profile Image Tom Zizka
I'm a Morning Anchor and the Business Reporter for Fox26 / Houston...working to help you make, save and protect your money.
852 72


Mark Keith Muhumuza Profile Image Mark Keith Muhumuza
Content Development. Business & financial journalist. Information Junkie. Blogger. mumakeith(at)gmail(dot)com. Views = mine.
849 71


Julian O'Neill Profile Image Julian O'Neill
BBC NI business correspondent. Mostly news tweets, but sometimes other things get a mention.
848 71


Susi Wallner Profile Image Susi Wallner
communications @StartUscc
847 71


Tom Sullivan Profile Image Tom Sullivan
Former Fox Business Anchor & Fox Radio Talk host. Syndicated Talk Radio Show Host - Call 855-295-6600 Listen Live 3pm-6pm et on https://t.co/E9k0ry4ZIu
846 70


Emily Banks Profile Image Emily Banks
Managing editor for daily original content @Hearst TV. Priors: Bloomberg, @WSJ, @Mashable. No more Minnesota nice girl. Opinions are mine.
845 70


Shibani Joshi Profile Image Shibani Joshi
Curator of http://t.co/QofVjRPdMp; Journalist; Former Anchor/Tech Reporter @FoxBusiness @FoxNews [email protected]
844 69


Mike Rosenwald Profile Image Mike Rosenwald
Staff Writer: WashPost. Contributor to Esquire, Businessweek, New Yorker, Oxford American, Economist. Editor of Gay Talese sportswriting anthology. Proud Saluki
843 69


Al Lewis Profile Image Al Lewis
Business Editor @HoustonChron @ChronBusiness. Former columnist at Dow Jones, WSJ, MarketWatch, Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.
842 69


Paul Quigley Profile Image Paul Quigley
Award-winning journalist, editor, broadcaster & speaker on tech, business, politics & governance. Former telecoms correspondent at the FT & BBC.
841 68


Matthew Goldstein Profile Image Matthew Goldstein
Business reporter @nytimes but I vent here about Mets, music and other stuff.
840 68


Gretchen Gavett Profile Image Gretchen Gavett
Editor @harvardbiz. Editor @longform. Former digital producer/reporter @frontlinepbs. I read about crime and sports. I lift weights. I'm from Maine.
839 67


Tara Evans ✏️ Profile Image Tara Evans ✏️
Digital Consumer Editor @TheSun. ✉️[email protected]
838 67


Kate Rogers Profile Image Kate Rogers
reporter @CNBC covering small biz, entrepreneurship and now restaurants. @FoxBusiness and @UDelaware alum - all tweets mine
837 67


Lerato Mbele-Roberts Profile Image Lerato Mbele-Roberts
Journalist, Cheerleader for team Africa, Wife to a champion, WEF YGL 2014, Oprah Mag PowerList, Chevening Scholar. RT not endorsement. IG: @Lerato_Mbele_Roberts
836 66


Amir Paivar Profile Image Amir Paivar
BBC Persian TV (BBC World Service) bilingual #business correspondent: covering #Iran #economy #oil, global #markets, company #news. #digitalmedia fan
833 66


Richard Fletcher Profile Image Richard Fletcher
Business Editor of @thetimes and (proud) south Londoner
832 65


Ben Fritz Profile Image Ben Fritz
West Coast bureau chief for U.S. news @wsj. Author of best-selling book "The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies." https://t.co/Lx9whPZQ9F
831 65


Joel Hills Profile Image Joel Hills
Business and Economics Editor, ITV News
830 65


Laura He Profile Image Laura He
Senior correspondent for South China Morning Post. @SCMP_News Covering markets and business in Greater China. WSJ MarketWatch alum. Stanford grad.
829 64


Iain Dey Profile Image Iain Dey
Author, PR man, former Business Editor, The Sunday Times, London - also ex New York Corr. Scottish, husband, father, dog-owner.
828 64


Jill Disis Profile Image Jill Disis
827 63


Kelly Poe Profile Image Kelly Poe
Newsletters @postandcourier. Raleigh native. On a never-ending quest to find Charleston's best french fries.
826 63


Emily Cohn Profile Image Emily Cohn
executive growth editor @businessinsider and @thisisinsider. formerly @huffingtonpost, @cornellsun
825 63


Emma Johnson Profile Image Emma Johnson
Award-winning business journalist. Mind-blowing blog. Podcast: Like a Mother. #1 Bestselling author: THE KICKASS SINGLE MOM https://t.co/NEeXWvSwYO
824 62


Liam Dann Profile Image Liam Dann
NZ Herald Business Editor at Large.For a more comprehensive page of NZ Herald economic stories follow on Facebook: Liam Dann: EconomyHub
823 62


Asma Khalid Profile Image Asma Khalid
Relapsed @NPR politics reporter and @nprpolitics podcaster. ** Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper ** | Send tips/ideas to [email protected]
822 61


Eleni Giokos Profile Image Eleni Giokos
@CNNi Correspondent. BBG TVA, eNCA &CNBC Africa Anchor Alum. Exceptionally curious. Passionate about global markets, Greece & Africa!
821 61


Andrea Chang Profile Image Andrea Chang
Food writer @latimes. Compulsive checklister. Instagram: @byandreachang
820 61


Ann Dwyer Profile Image Ann Dwyer
45th President of the United States. Also managing editor of Crain's Chicago Business. Carbohydrate fan. Worrier. Lipstick enthusiast. Avoider of voicemails.
819 60


Tim Cohen Profile Image Tim Cohen
Senior Editor at Business Day. Former editor of Business Day and the Financial Mail. Views my own, and frankly very much a work in progress ..
818 60


Michael Neibauer Profile Image Michael Neibauer
Associate editor, Washington Business Journal. Previously, economic development reporter. Still, office weather nerd. Always, permits. [email protected]
817 59


Elaine Pofeldt Profile Image Elaine Pofeldt
Author: "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business." https://t.co/Aj2WXBbGXf Freelance #journalist for CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, Money, etc.
816 59


Patrick Bernau Profile Image Patrick Bernau
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Ressortleiter Wirtschaft / Geld & Mehr.
815 59


Cara Waters Profile Image Cara Waters
Journo. Small business editor @theage and @smh. I'm also a little obsessed with food and travel - follow along at Gourmet-Chick. DMs open.
814 58


Biz Carson Profile Image Biz Carson
Forbes staff writer on Uber & startups. Ex-Business Insider, Gigaom, & Wired. Atlanta native & IU Hoosier. Find me at [email protected]. DM me for Signal #
813 58


Bex Burn-Callander Profile Image Bex Burn-Callander
Former enterprise editor @Telegraph, biz journo, nosey parker, excellent drinking companion. Now author of this: https://t.co/7pMKzN01qX. Next book on Brexit.
812 57


Colletta Smith Profile Image Colletta Smith
Business and Consumer Correspondent for the BBC. Born and bred in York, shaped in Northern Ireland.
811 57


Sara Spary Profile Image Sara Spary
Freelance journalist @HuffPostUK, former @BuzzFeed consumer business correspondent. Also seen in @BBCBusiness @Telegraph @theipaper Got a story? Say hi
810 57


Rachel F. Elson Profile Image Rachel F. Elson
Deputy editor @MONEY, runner, reader, culture omnivore and travel junkie - not necessarily in that order.
809 56


Sonari Profile Image Sonari
former NPR Business Correspondent. Jazz, Cabaret & Showtunes Nut. Chicago ex-pat -- Email me: [email protected] Instagram: Sonari1
808 56


Hannah Prevett Profile Image Hannah Prevett
Business writer and editor. Regularly write for @thetimes business pages and biz editor at @StudioAtNews. Favourites: start-ups, my daughter, travel and cheese.
807 55


Amy Gallo Profile Image Amy Gallo
Writer, speaker. Contributing editor at @HarvardBiz. Author of HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict. Disagreement doesn’t have to be unkind.
806 55


Steve Ranger Profile Image Steve Ranger
Tech reporter: everything from cyberwar to smartphones. Editor at @ZDNet @TechRepublic for @CBSi. High concept enthusiast. Views are mine, not employers.
805 55


FastFoodMaven Profile Image FastFoodMaven
803 54


Mark Anderson Profile Image Mark Anderson
Investigative journalist and Africa editor of @OCCRP. Previously with @TheAfricaReport and the @guardian. All views are mine. [email protected]
802 54


Stefanstern Profile Image Stefanstern
Author (with Cary Cooper) of Myths of Management; also of How To Be A Better Leader (coming); writes for Guardian, FT et al; Visiting Prof, Cass Business School
801 53


Aaron   Heslehurst Profile Image Aaron Heslehurst
News Anchor & Presenter BBC World News - "Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst" https://t.co/UAsX14Yvvg. LOVE commercial aviation. My views not BBC
799 53


Declan Curry Profile Image Declan Curry
Biz journalist for 25 yrs. On LBC radio most mornings, fmr BBC TV + radio presenter. Conference chair, awards host, punchy speaker. DM me about your event!
797 53


Mariko Oi 大井真理子 Profile Image Mariko Oi 大井真理子
@BBCWorld reporter/presenter in
796 52


Brad Farris Profile Image Brad Farris
Father of 5, Passionate about growing small businesses, dedicated Chicagoan. Principal @AnchorAdvisors. Editor @EnMastBusiness, Co-Host of @bdybiz
794 52


Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎 Profile Image Sui-Lee Wee 黄瑞黎
Reporter for @nytimes in China. 纽约时报驻北京记者。Formerly @Reuters. Pronounced Sweet, without the T. [email protected]
793 51


Mark Sweney Profile Image Mark Sweney
Media business correspondent at the Guardian. New Zealander. Yes, my surname is spelt like that. DM’s open
792 51


Maribel Aber Profile Image Maribel Aber
Biz Correspondent #MoneyMatters #CNNNewsource #CNNMoney @HLNTV https://t.co/4o7CNJHBku / @UVA & @NYLawSchool Alum/Barney's mom/ RTs ≠ endorsements
791 51


Rupert Neate Profile Image Rupert Neate
Wealth correspondent, the Guardian. Previously US Business correspondent. https://t.co/yGK9JPJWuD
790 50


James Cowan Profile Image James Cowan
Managing Editor, Special Projects at @macleansmag Ex: Canadian Business, National Post, Saturday Night. I write @beermoneyforyou [email protected]
788 50


Dominic Rushe Profile Image Dominic Rushe
@GuardianUS US business editor, composed of Eros and dust
787 49


James Quinn Profile Image James Quinn
Proud Northerner living and working in the big smoke; comms man; former business editor; all views very much my own.
786 49


FreedomIsDeep Profile Image FreedomIsDeep
Business Anchor & Reporter Nation Media Group, Uganda @ntvuganda. Opinions are mine but retweets aren't endorsements
785 49


Emily Peck Profile Image Emily Peck
HuffPost senior reporter. Coffee first. [email protected] newsletter:https://t.co/FBYkSvGPnq Rants: @slate Money podcast
784 48


Eric Newcomer Profile Image Eric Newcomer
reporter @technology
783 48


Sangeetha Kandavel Profile Image Sangeetha Kandavel
Business Journalist with The Hindu - https://t.co/gpa3VSFfeH
782 47


JamesVGrimaldi Profile Image JamesVGrimaldi
James Grimaldi is a Pulitzer-winning journalist from Kansas City, Mo., living in Washington D.C., working for The Wall Street Journal.
781 47


لمى القصيبي Profile Image لمى القصيبي
Saudi Journalist & Reporter.. snap: lama_kg ... insta: lama_algosaibi
779 47


Nick Duxbury Profile Image Nick Duxbury
Content Director at Redwood (content agency in London). Award-winning journalist and editor; mostly property, policy and tech. Lover of long-form & portmanteau.
778 46


Joe Patrice Profile Image Joe Patrice
Editor at @ATLBlog where, for me, making snide remarks about other lawyers is at least as fulfilling as motion practice.
774 46


Alexis Muellner Profile Image Alexis Muellner
Editor-in-chief, Tampa Bay Business Journal | To see my personal feed: @AlexisMuellner Tips/news: [email protected]
773 45


Allison Fass Profile Image Allison Fass
VP, Digital Growth @ Mansueto - https://t.co/FhdpoWDJsT and https://t.co/US58h9PLQd | Business journalist. Digital strategist. Summer lover.
772 45


Michael Skapinker Profile Image Michael Skapinker
@FT columnist on business, language and society. Frequent Flyer columnist @FTWeekend. Executive editor @FTIECLA. All views my own.
771 45


Elizabeth Woyke Profile Image Elizabeth Woyke
Senior business editor at MIT Technology Review & author of The Smartphone: https://t.co/NiPitWp5zf & https://t.co/bmVZ5f8i14
770 44


Emma Simpson Profile Image Emma Simpson
I'm one of the BBC's Business Correspondents in the Business & Economics Unit at New Broadcasting House.
767 44


Joanna Bourke Profile Image Joanna Bourke
Business reporter @ Evening Standard. luxury goods + property + pubs. Scoop of year winner-2016 LSL Property Awards. IBP- Commercial property writer winner 2016
766 43


Nassim Khadem Profile Image Nassim Khadem
Journalist at @BusinessDay Cover tax, tech, biotech, health, gender diversity @theage @smh @canberratimes @brisbanetimes @watoday Love things Persian, New York
765 43


Helia Ebrahimi Profile Image Helia Ebrahimi
Economics Correspondent
764 43


Andrew   Bounds Profile Image Andrew Bounds
Financial Times North of England correspondent and Enterprise editor. Read more at https://t.co/o3xuvA5DF0
763 42


RebeccaFannin Profile Image RebeccaFannin
Journalist, author, media entrepreneur, speaker: Silicon Dragon, Forbes, CNBC, Techonomy
762 42


Aabha Bakaya Profile Image Aabha Bakaya
Broadcast Journalist, Anchor & Producer Finance/Entrepreneurs/Interviews/Luxury & Lifestyle
761 41


Josie Cox Profile Image Josie Cox
Business editor @Independent. On maternity leave. Formerly @WSJ and @Reuters. Opinions my own. London via Basel, Berlin and Frankfurt.
760 41


Matthew Wall Profile Image Matthew Wall
BBC News Online, Technology of Business editor, [email protected]; https://t.co/DUAVaf3hsL; https://t.co/NuScWbAoYG #LFC
759 41


Gabriela Chávez Profile Image Gabriela Chávez
Tech & business journalist @ExpansionMx @TecReviewWeb | Runner. Startup and cybersecurity enthusiast. Freedom of speech.
758 40


Meakin Armstrong Profile Image Meakin Armstrong
757 40


Mark Kass Profile Image Mark Kass
Editor of @MKEBizJournal an award-winning weekly business newspaper and website.
756 39


Steve Rosenbush Profile Image Steve Rosenbush
'Strike another match, go start anew/And it's all over now, baby blue'
755 39


Arash Massoudi Profile Image Arash Massoudi
I cover deals, dealmakers and global business for the @FinancialTimes. Also write Due Diligence, the FT's daily M&A briefing. Sign-up: https://t.co/RPCmBG7aOA
754 39


Mikal Belicove Profile Image Mikal Belicove
Freelance brand & business journalist, book author, and ghost writer w/ credits in Entrepreneur mag., Forbes, and SUCCESS. My next book is about strategy.
753 38


Gregg Moss Profile Image Gregg Moss
Anchor/Reporter at @9NEWS Denver, focusing on business & consumer stories. Follow the hashtags #9NEWSMornings, #9NEWS, #9wx & #COTraf. Love your ideas!
752 38


Harriet Torry Profile Image Harriet Torry
Journalist @WSJ, Londoner in DC covering the U.S. economy. Former Berliner. [email protected]
751 37


Greg Wright Profile Image Greg Wright
Yorkshire Post deputy business editor. Married to Alex. Winner of 15 journalism awards. Headlinemoney awards judge 2018. #htafc. Views mine.
750 37


Don Seiffert Profile Image Don Seiffert
Managing editor of the Boston Business Journal. Resident of #SalemMA. Dad of two. I work on the once-elegant Tontine Crescent. I drink a lot of tea.
749 37


Brian Bandell Profile Image Brian Bandell
Reporter @ South Florida Business Journal & Novelist with scifi thriller Mute out now http://t.co/jWc2v7eaRV
748 36


Brian Rose Profile Image Brian Rose
Host of @LondonRealTV and @SiliconReal. It's about the journey!
747 36


Graham Ruddick Profile Image Graham Ruddick
Deputy Business Editor at The Times. All views my own (except the one in the photo)
746 35


Katya Wachtel Profile Image Katya Wachtel
Editorial Director at Broadsheet, once belonged to @Reuters @businessinsider @ColumbiaJourn. Hometown Melbourne, Oz. RTs not endorsing, obvs.
745 35


Candace Taylor Profile Image Candace Taylor
Journalist covering residential real estate for The Wall Street Journal. Views posted here are my own. Got real estate news? Email me at [email protected].
744 35


Eytan Avriel Profile Image Eytan Avriel
Founder and magazine editor of TheMarker, Israel’s most respected source of business news and analysis. Columnist. TV commentator. Lecturer.
743 34


Carson Scott Profile Image Carson Scott
Broadcaster • Communicator • Bibliophile • Always Curious
742 34


Stephanie Baker Profile Image Stephanie Baker
Senior Writer, Bloomberg News/Businessweek for investigations @business. Trump, Russia, Brexit and more. Vermont-native in London. Views my own.
741 33


Didi Akinyelure Profile Image Didi Akinyelure
Award-Winning Journalist. Business Correspondent✏️ @Reuters; Presenter @CNBCi
740 33


Timothy King Profile Image Timothy King
Senior Editor at Solutions Review covering BI and data analytics. Enterprise middleware thought leader and influencer. Richtopia top-250 business journalist.
739 33


Tom Field Profile Image Tom Field
VP of Editorial at @ISMG_News, the source for business/security insights.
738 32


Lucy Handley Profile Image Lucy Handley
Freelance journalist & editorial consultant, covering business, marketing, travel @guardian @telegraph @CNBCi https://t.co/Zkxd2Nyo62 https://t.co/u5vt4EJGzO
737 32


Malak Fares, CFA Profile Image Malak Fares, CFA
From #banking & #insurance to #energy #markets and #media ... A moderator commentator & trainer and above all a free mind
736 31


Kiki Loizou Profile Image Kiki Loizou
Former enterprise editor at The Sunday Times
735 31


Mimi Whitefield Profile Image Mimi Whitefield
#Cuba and international business correspondent, Miami Herald. #Brazil, #Latam and Caribbean news. Tweets in English, Spanish and Portuguese
734 31


Rob Marvin Profile Image Rob Marvin
Associate Features Editor @PCMag. Words @mashable @cheddar @Entrepreneur @geekdotcom @sdtimes & more. @NewhouseSU grad. Tell me a story: DM for Signal #
733 30


Phillip Yin Profile Image Phillip Yin
communications and strategic advisory, Global Business Anchor @cnbc @bloomberg @cctv_america Int'l Trade, Education, Aviation
732 30


Bryan Borzykowski Profile Image Bryan Borzykowski
Writer & editor of business stories. Bylines: @CNBC, @nytimes, @BBC, @Globeandmail, @cdnbiz and more. Also talk business Sat nights on CTV. @SABEW VP.
731 29


Jane Hamilton Profile Image Jane Hamilton
Consumer, moneysaving & parenting journalist. Mum, Essex Blonde, Cambridge Grad and chocolate addict. Never knowingly underdressed.
730 29


Matt Turner Profile Image Matt Turner
Executive Editor at @businessinsider. Englishman in New York. Subscribe to my newsletter at https://t.co/0uduPJ7zpn
729 29


Doug Banks Profile Image Doug Banks
Business journalist and editor, currently Executive Editor of @BosBizJournal; husband, father, brother, son.
728 28


Danni Hewson Profile Image Danni Hewson
Talking business on BBC Radio 5Live. Patron - Kidney Research Yorkshire. Event host. Mum. Yorkshire lass. Views my own!
727 28


Tanya Beckett Profile Image Tanya Beckett
Business presenter, BBC World News
726 27


Helen Thomas Profile Image Helen Thomas
Business Editor at @BBCNewsnight. Ex @WSJ and @FT. Usual disclaimers apply. My tweets auto-delete. Lots of HTs at the BBC: I am helen.thomas02
725 27


Valentin Schmid Profile Image Valentin Schmid
Business Editor @EpochTimes— Business, Finance, Markets with focus on #China, #Gold, #Bitcoin—Likes Volatility. My views—https://t.co/fLWN7rln3o
724 27


Bill Roy Profile Image Bill Roy
Editor, Wichita Business Journal. Twin dad. Host of BizTalk with Bill Roy podcast. This is my work account. My personal account is @BillRoyICT.
723 26


Nicole Petallides Profile Image Nicole Petallides
@foxbusiness Anchor/NYSE Correspondent
722 26


Shahien Nasiripour Profile Image Shahien Nasiripour
Reporter @bloomberg @business. Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal: 1-917-267-2335.
721 25


Vivianne Rodrigues Profile Image Vivianne Rodrigues
Managing Editor for Latin America @business. Former @FT and @Reuters. love space & science stuff. above all: New York City
720 25


Jason Kirby Profile Image Jason Kirby
Husband. Dad. 'Housing bubble panic-monger'. Writer and editor, formerly with Maclean’s, Canadian Business and National Post.
719 24


Joseph Pisani Profile Image Joseph Pisani
Retail reporter covering Amazon and online shopping at @AP / Email me: [email protected] ///\\\ 100% Maltese
718 24


Stuart Rock Profile Image Stuart Rock
Business editor, content strategist, event chair, investor. Founding editor @real_business @businessisgreat
717 24


Jason Deansy Profile Image Jason Deansy
Biz news editor @BusinessDesk, @guardian & https://t.co/rrGq777EZV. Ex @mediaguardian editor, reporter. Opinions my own, blah ...
716 23


Paige Ellis Profile Image Paige Ellis
Business journalist. Reporter and Videographer at BNN Bloomberg. Opinions are my own.
715 23


Anna Hirtenstein Profile Image Anna Hirtenstein
Bloomberg @business journalist covering clean energy and sustainable finance. Former oil reporter gone green. Views mine, photo via NASA.
714 22


Colette Sexton Profile Image Colette Sexton
News correspondent @sundaybusiness. Contributor @image_magazine. I like exclusives. Email: [email protected]. Threema: MDDVP4FJ. Views my own.
713 22


Thuy Vu Profile Image Thuy Vu
Food lover. Mom. 7-time Emmy recipient. Host of "KQED Newsroom." Advisor on philanthropy, diversity. https://t.co/dY8H5Kof4j
712 22


Chris Goodfellow Profile Image Chris Goodfellow
Freelance journalist covering #startups. Co-founder @Box2Media, which runs @the_pitch. DMs open
711 21


John Mulgrew Profile Image John Mulgrew
Editor @ulsterbusiness | Ex @beltel Business Correspondent | Two-time CIPR Business Journalist of the Year | [email protected]
710 21


Ian McConnell Profile Image Ian McConnell
Journalist based in Scotland - Business Editor of The Herald @heraldscotland
709 20


Sunny Sen Profile Image Sunny Sen
Corp and policy editor @Factordaily Ex:@htTweets @BT_India @FinancialXpress @BWBusinessworld @NDTV. Author of: Mantras For Success
708 20


Barrie Mckenna Profile Image Barrie Mckenna
Globe and Mail columnist and business correspondent. I tweet about the intersection of public policy, business and the economy.
706 20


Jon Prior Profile Image Jon Prior
Banking and finance reporter for The Dallas Business Journal. Formerly @politico @housingwire Email: [email protected]
705 19


Tadhg Enright Profile Image Tadhg Enright
Journalist & presenter of @JOEdotie’s #ArchitectsofBusiness & @Monocle24’s The Globalist. Consumer of fine food & wine, houseplant killer. Tá Gaeilge agam.
704 19


Christa Lauri Profile Image Christa Lauri
#Anchor #Reporter #BusinessNewsHost #LongIsland #HudsonValley, #NewYorker through and through, modern country music fan, follow me on IG: cdl_tvnewz
703 18


Kumutha   Ramanathan Profile Image Kumutha Ramanathan
Broadcast #business journalist @Bloomberg in #London. MSc. @columbiajourn. @awaawardsuk finalist + @sajahq winner. My views!
702 18


Anurag Batra Profile Image Anurag Batra
Chairman & Editor in Chief @BWorldonline @e4mtweets, 1st Gen #Entrepreneur, #Author, Global Authority in #Business, #Economy, #Media, #Advertising & #Marketing
701 18


Greig Cameron Profile Image Greig Cameron
Journalist who is Scottish business editor @thetimes . Views my own.
700 17


James Dean Profile Image James Dean
US business editor, The Times (London). Feel free to DM me, they're open...
699 17


Arno Ahosniemi Profile Image Arno Ahosniemi
Vastaava päätoimittaja / Executive Editor-in-Chief, Finnish Business #Media #Kauppalehti #Alma Talent #talous #politiikka #pörssi #journalismi
698 16


Graham Hiscott Profile Image Graham Hiscott
Head of Business and Consumer @dailymirror. Got a story? Get in touch. [email protected]
697 16


Jack Torrance Profile Image Jack Torrance
Business reporter @telegraph, currently covering property, outsourcers and support services. Got a story? [email protected]
696 16


Alistair Osborne Profile Image Alistair Osborne
Chief Business Commentator, The Times
695 15


Brendan Borrell Profile Image Brendan Borrell
I like finding out new things and writing about them. See my recent work @outsidemagazine @natgeo @theatlantic
694 15


Elizabeth Anderson Profile Image Elizabeth Anderson
Money and Business editor at the i newspaper. https://t.co/eMGIqlx3uW. Email:[email protected].
693 14


Matthew Jenkin Profile Image Matthew Jenkin
Raffle winning freelance journalist. Views are my own, of course
692 14


Andrew Lynch Profile Image Andrew Lynch
Assistant business editor of The Sunday Times. Once of Hong Kong. Working in London, grieving in Bristol. Views mine. Citizen of the world, whoever's PM
691 14


Head of Technology, Telegraph; Former Deputy business editor for The Times, previously energy editor, foreign correspondent in Mumbai covering South Asia
689 13


Neil Hodgson Profile Image Neil Hodgson
688 13


Eric Johnston Profile Image Eric Johnston
Business Editor, The Australian. Wrangler of journalists. Melbourne northerner. Biker. CollingwoodFC/WSWanderersFC
687 12


Oli BLM Profile Image Oli BLM
Editor of Business Leader Magazine. Ajax fan. Views are my own.
686 12


R Srinivasan Profile Image R Srinivasan
Editor,The Hindu Business Line. Views are personal. Re-tweets are not to be treated as endorsement of that particular view!
685 12


Tom Welsh Profile Image Tom Welsh
Comment editor at the Telegraph. My views
684 11


Dan Matthews Profile Image Dan Matthews
Journalist: Telegraph, Forbes, Guardian, Raconteur, FT. Drummer. Martial artist. Business flop. Future oligarch. Editor @ProjectMToday, Owner @Minutehack
680 11


Jack Speer Profile Image Jack Speer
Bi-coastal traveler and fan of fast cars! Anchor @NPR. Adjunct Prof.-Johns Hopkins Carey Business School @JHUCarey. @TedxJHUDC speaker. Board of @SagaftraFOUND
679 10


Lizzie Slee Profile Image Lizzie Slee
Working to get small businesses and start-ups on the media agenda. The big guys can't have it all their own way. Enterprise Nation and Smart Pension, mostly.
678 10


Erikka Askeland Profile Image Erikka Askeland
Award-winning journalist, communications specialist and bon vivant
677 10


Sarah Gordon Profile Image Sarah Gordon
Business editor @FinancialTimes. Views expressed here are my own, not the FT's.
676 9


Sion Barry Profile Image Sion Barry
Business Editor of https://t.co/JVNipqSUr5 and the Western Mail.
675 9


Joann S. Lublin Profile Image Joann S. Lublin
A recently retired WSJ journalist, I covered executive pay, corporate governance, etc. Still write a career advice column for execs. Author of #EarningIt
674 8


Dave Harvey Profile Image Dave Harvey
reporter, dad, cook, gardener. i cover money and jobs for the bbc in the sunny west of england. tell us your tales!
673 8


Graham Huband Profile Image Graham Huband
Business Editor at The Courier. Views are my own. RT's not endorsements
672 8


Sumitra Nydoo Profile Image Sumitra Nydoo
Business Journalist. TV and Radio Presenter, Business News Correspondent CGTN Africa.
671 7


Rebecca Jones Profile Image Rebecca Jones
Associate Editor Business Matters & Travelling for Business. Founder of https://t.co/YNMT8Zk0zt #digital #entrepreneurs. Words and thoughts on here are my own!
670 7


Annabel Denham Profile Image Annabel Denham
Editor at The Entrepreneurs Network. Coordinator of the APPG for Entrepreneurship. Francophile.
669 6


Rieva Lesonsky Profile Image Rieva Lesonsky
CEO GrowBiz Media & SmallBizDaily. Advocate, influencer, journalist & thought leader for #smallbusiness & #entrepreneurs. Former edit director @Entrepreneur.
668 6


Tapan Panchal Profile Image Tapan Panchal
Journalist at Dow Jones/WSJ. Opinions are my own
667 6


Vicki   Owen Profile Image Vicki Owen
Writer/editor. Previously Mail on Sunday Small Business Editor & City Correspondent. Own views
666 5


Hunter Ruthven Profile Image Hunter Ruthven
Web editor at @bethebusiness – formerly editor at online SME publications @Real_Business and @BizAdvice_UK
665 5


Ezequiel Minaya Profile Image Ezequiel Minaya
Corp. finance reporter at WSJ's @CFOJournal Previous: Real-Time Biz Desk, Venezuela Bureau. Wash Heights resident, Inwood native RTs≠endorsement, views my own
664 4


Gerhard Elfers Profile Image Gerhard Elfers
Journalist. Writer. Correspondent and Anchor @dw_business - on DW NEWS, Germany's international news brodcaster.
662 4


Karyn Turk Profile Image Karyn Turk
Karyn Turk #mrsflorida US continental 2016, Host, business correspondent, outspoken political junkie and commentator, keynote speaker and non-profit advocate.
656 4


Kathryn Tuggle Profile Image Kathryn Tuggle
Writer for @JeanChatzky | alum @Inc @FastCompany @FoxBusiness @TheStreet | member @najournalists & proud Choctaw | [email protected]
655 3


Saroj Kafle Profile Image Saroj Kafle
Professional Business Journalist Since 1995, Worked as a Business Correspondent @ Rajdhani daily & Annapurna Post daily. Advisor Editor @Bizmandu
632 3


Pamela Ambler Profile Image Pamela Ambler
Digital reporter @ForbesAsia Former Reuters foreign correspondent by way of NBC Comcast. RT≠endorsements. DMs open. [email protected]
609 2


Megan Dunsby Profile Image Megan Dunsby
Projects Editor at https://t.co/jGqQz38iIX. Named among The Drum’s 50 under 30 UK 2018, Rising Star of the Year (Silver) at the BMAs. ❤️start-ups & business.
607 2


Eilidh Wagstaff Profile Image Eilidh Wagstaff
Business journalist & running enthusiast | Retweets not (necessarily) endorsements
592 2


Kevin Scott Profile Image Kevin Scott
I'm PwC's media and communications manager in Scotland
15 1


Alexandra Fattal Profile Image Alexandra Fattal
Italy business and finance correspondent @TheEconomist
13 1


Nathalie Tadena Profile Image Nathalie Tadena
Digital Strategy @Adobe. Former @WSJ advertising and marketing reporter. @Columbia_Biz @NorthwesternU & @MedillSchool alum.
10 0


Joe Lynam Profile Image Joe Lynam
BBC broadcaster for 17 years. Headline Money and Wincott Prize winner for original journalism.
0 0
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