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Jovan Haye: From NFL to Initial Coin Offerings

Jovan Haye exclusive op-ed on Richtopia


As a former collegiate and pro athlete, I have been to the bottom of the ocean and atop of the highest mountain… both on and off the field.

Like everything in this world, things happen for a reason. Most of the time, it’s truly 100 percent out of your control.

The two things in life I realize you do have control over is, your attitude and effort. Everything else you have to leave it to a higher power.

As I look back on my younger days, I can say I’m proud of the things I have accomplished. From being a father, husband, brother, friend, businessman, former NFL player to truth seeker now trying to figure out why I was placed on this earth. Not sure most people would place proud next to failure but I surely do.

Jovan Haye and family

It’s the roadblocks in my past and failures which have led me to work harder and harder everyday. Life is about lessons, lessons, and more lessons. No matter what age you are, learning should never stop. Whether it’s dealing with your family, friends, work, business, or leisure activities… you are never too old to learn from those around you or even from within.

After years of playing football and now dealing with this business world, I have learned to focus on things that I’m good at.

It was very hard at first to realize that I’m not an entrepreneur.

For years I would go by this label. It wasn’t until nothing that I started ever took off, such as a social media voting platform called Yapped. That was a tough lesson to learn.

Once I was able to get over the part of not being an entrepreneur, I was able to find my true calling. I am now just an investor and that’s it.

I found out that it was much easier to invest in the true entrepreneurs who have exactly what it takes to be successful. Now I’m working with exciting startups such as InvestFeed and uStadiumAlso being an advisor at times turned out to be something I truly enjoyed.

Once I figured out who I am and who I needed to be outside of football, things started to make sense.

I am 35 years of age and I honestly can say, I’m truly at home with myself. I now have a clear mind and the vision to take on what life throws my way. People tell me all the time that I have made it. My response is always… made what?

My life is a never ending journey with truly no end destination. That’s why I look forward to waking up in the morning everyday. Everyday presents a new challenge, and everyday I’m up to the task. That’s why I’m here and that’s why I keep pushing along. Peace!

Jovan Haye with wife and daughters

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