Top 100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs Leaderboard List

British Entrepreneurs Top 100 (2019)

From Richard Branson to J.K. Rowling, these are the most influential entrepreneurs in the UK.

Whether you’re a would-be entrepreneur or have spent decades being one. You could be worse-off than to read the short biographies of British entrepreneurs who have been through the journey before. 

So we’ve compiled a list consisting of the top British entrepreneurs.

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Here’s what some leading British entrepreneurs said about this list:

Our leaders’ list gets updated each year and is based exclusively on social influence, and unlike Forbes, not on net worth.

There are people on this list who have a net worth in the millions yet are indexed higher than people with a net worth in the billions because they have a more immediate impact on society as ‘movers & shakers’ in this fast-paced world.

Our objective with this list is to give rise to new entrepreneurial activity in the UK economy by showcasing inspiring examples and their quotes.

We also hope to inspire existing entrepreneurs to lend their influence towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030:

Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, UNDP.

Along with our index of influencers, our research and methodology for this year’s list has been shared publicly, which is accessible via Google Sheets.

If you believe you fit the criteria, or you know a business founder who does, you can nominate them for next year’s release by contacting us.

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Here are more comments from the top British entrepreneurs on this list:

The Richtopia British entrepreneurs list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce a final rank.

Some of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media followers, engagement, overall news coverage, monthly name searches on Google, LinkedIn followers, and online presence to name a few.

Our full methodology for this year’s list could be viewed here.

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