Top countries at attracting talent statistics

Top 25 Countries at Attracting Foreign Talent (Infographic Included)

List of Leading Countries at Skilled Worker Migration; 

Skills. People have them, and companies want them. Not only do companies want them, so do countries, and they want to be the best at attracting skilled workers. But who does it the best? Using data from the United Nations and the Global Talent Competitive Index to understand how countries compete for talent, KDM Engineering ranked the 25 countries best at enabling, attracting, growing and retaining foreign talent. To dive deeper, each country’s “top feeders” is noted – which countries feed the most migrants into that given country.

Switzerland was named the top country with its overall ranking. Being the second best country when it comes to enabling talent, but the best at retaining the talent. With over two million total migrants, most of them come from Germany, France, Austria, United Kingdom and the United States.

Singapore came right behind Switzerland earning the number two ranking. It is ranked the best country at enabling and attracting talent, but is lower when it comes to growing talent, coming in 13th.

The United States lands in the fourth overall. With over 45 million total migrants, they’re the second best at growing talent. Their top feeders come from all over being Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France.

Sweden rounds out the top five countries. Coming in forth regarding retaining talent.

When it comes to growing talent, the Netherlands earns the number one spot. But falls behind when it comes to enabling, attracting and retaining talent, giving them a ranking of 11th overall.

With nearly two million migrants, Qatar lands in third when it comes to attracting talent. With most of their foreign talent coming from UAE, United Kingdom, United States, France and the Netherlands.

The United States is a top feeder for most countries, with Israel, Japan and Singapore have the U.S. as their number one feeder country. Luxembourg and France are the only countries where the U.S. isn’t in their top five.

Iceland comes in 15th place overall, but has the fewest migrants with just 37,000. Being the sixth best country at retaining talent, most of their foreign workers come from Denmark, United States, Sweden, German and United Kingdom.

Other notable countries and rankings include Israel making it on the list, but at the 25th spot and more notably lacking in attracting talent, coming in 67th. With over two million migrants, Japan came in fifth when it comes to enabling talent, but only come in 22nd overall.

People, businesses and countries are only growing in their competitiveness. People want to be sought after for their talent and go where it’s the best fit. Companies and countries think alike when it comes to retaining the talent they obtain. They don’t want to lose the success that they have earned, and even more so, they want it to grow.

Infographic of top countries at attracting foreign talent.