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Mexican Economy Facts: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Mexican hat The political focus on Mexico has always been towards illegal immigrants sneaking into the US and the drug trafficking issues. What surprises many Americans is the real growth and health of the Mexican economy. It has been enough to catch the eyes of leading experts. Economists Chris Wilson and Erik Lee share “the United States and Mexico do not just sell goods to one another, they actually work together to manufacture them.”

There are a lot of facts that might change your view of the Mexican economy, but here are five of the most surprising ones:

1. The Mexican economy has a growth goal of a rate twice the US or about 3.7%. The Mexican middle class is growing exponentially while the US middle class is a dying breed.

2. Mexico leads production on items like cars, refrigerators, computers, flat screen televisions, and mobile phones.

Mexican Economy Facts 3. Mexico bought over $200 billion dollars of US exported goods in 2011. One of the largest growing markets of US products resides right next door.

4. There are 22 states in the US that export products and goods to Mexico. All of them rank Mexico number one or two in the amounts exported. Mexico has always been a consistent buyer of American goods and products.

5. Half of every dollar Mexico earns purchases even more US goods and supplies. There is an estimation by the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center that as much 40% of Mexican made imported goods get constructed with US materials. It is a mere 4% of Chinese imports.

Mexican economy facts show that it is a strong and establishing nation. Mexico has an emerging economic strength that is getting global notice. It puts them in a strong place to become a vital financial partner with both Central and North America. It is bringing about higher paying jobs with a real future to all who live across the border.

Mae Merriweather

Written by: Mae Merriweather

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