Frequently Asked Questions

[toggle title=”What is the demographic of your readers?” state=”close”]Our readers are mainly business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and high net-worth individuals. We also have a growing number of people in disadvantaged social-economic circumstances accessing our content, our main agenda is to help those people.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are you open to posting video content?” state=”close”]We are open to posting video content as long as it doesn’t come across salesy and comes with at least 300 words of content. Video will also need to have Richtopia branding, which could be sent to you seperately.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are contributors compensated?” state=”close”]Richtopia is a place where selected experts give their expertise on business & life related topics, and the content is free to get access to worldwide. Contributors provide content knowing what they contribute helps to make the world a better place by influencing those in power and giving valuable knowledge to those in need. So back to the question, our contributors are not compensated with finance, however they are compensated with exposure and the good feeling that comes with paying-it-forward.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Where is your greatest social media presence?” state=”close”]Our greatest social media presence is on Twitter @RichtopiaCom[/toggle]