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How SpaceX Innovates Great New Technologies

Elon Musk

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation got established in 2002 by Elon Musk. It is better known as SpaceX and set to change the cost of space exploration to meet the goal of creating an interplanetary generation of humans. The dynamic and brilliant engineers of SpaceX are on a mission to build the most innovative reusable space vehicles that are the cutting edge of technology.

SpaceX Spacecraft Advancement


The Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Dragon are the major space vehicle designs that have positioned SpaceX towards being the company that offers the innovative technology that makes a difference. The Falcon 9 has carried Dragon on a resupply mission of the International Space Station. It took two days, and the completion has forged a commitment by NASA to end the dependence on Russia to get out astronauts to the ISS by the year 2017.

The Technological Capabilities of Elon Musk and SpaceX

SpaceX-RocketThe Falcon 91.0 has been retired for the newer Falcon 91.1. It is bigger, taller and has an Octaweb engine configuration composed of nine rockets. There could be as many as two rockets fails, and the mission will still go forward. The GPS added allowed for a more concrete and correct orbital insertion. The Falcon Heavy is being designed to carry bigger payloads, which will save money by being able to handle more than one satellite. There are plans to launch in 2015.

The Future is Recycling

Future-of-recyclingElon Musk has set a goal of trimming the cost of launch vehicle payload by millions of dollars. He has focused on high technological innovations that allow for each stage of the vehicle deployment to be salvaged and reused. Being able to take even more payload into space with each trip will make it more affordable than ever.

There was a lot of doubt in the progress of space exploration when NASA handed over the keys to private enterprise. SpaceX is proving that it could be done cheaper and at a pace that is faster by using private technology and an innovative know-how.

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