The Harry Potter School of Leadership

The following introductory speech was made by Professor Hermione Granger to the first class of students at the newly opened Potter School of Business Leadership.

Welcome, young, business-minded muggles to Hogwarts School of…er, ah, I mean the Potter School of Leadership. Not to worry, Harry will be along shortly, however, since he is reluctant to extoll his own leadership virtues, I will do it for him, without his prior knowledge, of course.

harry potter as a situational leader

I’d like to begin by asking you a question: what makes Harry the paragon of leadership to be emulated by us all? And we can’t ask him as he’ll self-deprecatingly respond that he doesn’t know or that you should ask someone else the answer to that question, which leads me to the first part of the correct answer to that question.

Harry has a respectable amount of humility personified, so don’t ask him to expound on the characteristics that make him such a great leader. Unlike those caught by the epidemic of over-humility – he will claim that those around him fostered his leadership abilities. In other words, he credits others, and rightly so, with not only his success, but the success of the entire team, whether it’s a Quidditch team or management team.

I constantly hear people claim that if they had Harry’s talents people would follow them as well. And that’s the biggest load of *##* I’ve ever heard. Lucius Malfoy, great leadership? ‘nuf said. Harry is an effective leader because he combines his extensive talent with sound judgment. He bases his decisions with the welfare of others foremost in his mind. He does what’s best for the cause, not himself.

Finally, Harry is willing to take the advice of others, and not just listen. He is willing to apply that advice if he deems it right and then credit the proper person if it works while accepting blame if it fails. He fully understands that all have something valuable to offer, even an ill-treated house-elf named Dobby.

Well, I could go on about Harry’s other laudable leadership traits like his creativity, empathy, and collaborative abilities, but maybe you can get him to elaborate on those yourself…ladies and gentlemen, I give you Harry Potter.

Written by Steve Tinker

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