6 Things Successful CEOs Do Before Sleeping

Being a CEO is challenging. Did you know that CEOs work ten times more than the usual 8-hour work shift that comes with corporate jobs? Yes, they have the entire welfare of the company on their shoulders.

Picture of an Entrepreneur in his house with the lights on at night (the only light on in his flat)

It’s crucial that they work extra hard to keep everything running smoothly and successfully. The key to success is not only about working hard, but the CEOs have to plan and make good decisions too. So, here are a few things they do before bed that helps them keep calm and handle immense pressures…

1. Think over the day:

This involves analyzing, recapping, and trying to understand what decisions to make and what to avoid. Not every day will be positive or filled with memorable events, and not every day will be negative either. Successful CEOs know that they have to learn from their shortcomings. They need to have constantly their analytical cap on so that they do not miss out on any precious lesson. These lessons are what keep them on the right track.

2. Read and stay updated:

Successful CEOs are often noted as book-worms. They will read, read, and read some more. From magazines, newspapers, and books to articles, the successful can’t detach themselves from reading. Warren Buffett spends six hours a day reading five newspapers, some annual reports and a small count of books on occasion. Whether it’s the hard copy or the soft copy, reading is what most successful people in business crave. They stay up to date with the world’s happenings and latest trends; innovation is on the rise, and they can’t afford to fall back.

Picture of President Barack Obama with Warren Buffett in the Oval Office, July 14, 2010.
Picture of Warren Buffett reading and sharing notes with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office, July 14, 2010. (Source: The White House)

3. Take notes of ideas:

Successful CEOs are often creative and can’t seem to get enough of creativeness. They will try keeping track of their original ideas so that they don’t get lost in all the thoughts and emotions that come throughout the day. Losing an idea could mean losing a whole potential business.

4. Walk or light-exercise:

CEOs know that days can get stressful. Before sleeping, other than thinking and analyzing, light physical activity can go a long way in helping CEOs think clearly. Not to mention, such activity helps keep both the mind and body active.

Arianna Huffington world economic forum annual meeting 2015
Picture of Arianna Huffington taken at the World Economic Forum (2011) by Michael Wuertenberg.

5. Unplug the devices:

It’s no shocker that successful CEOs opt to unplug the phone or other technical devices before falling asleep. Arianna Huffington is a notable exemplification: after a long day of taking calls, making calls, and going through a whole set of other works through the phone or technical device, she turns off her phone and puts the device in another room – it’s really not a bad idea! It could help the person sleep better and perhaps even dream better. There’s no denying that good sleep is essential to keep the work going strong.

6. Set goals:

As the saying goes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Successful CEOs set goals each night. They may or may not meet these goals the next day, the following week, month, or even within the next year, but they know that setting goals are a must. When you envision and target what you want to meet, you will push yourself beyond limits. That’s what goals do – help push you and keep you focused.

Editor: Derin Cag (Founder of RichTopia)

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