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5 Cities That Are Magnificent Representations of the Future

5 Cities That Are Magnificent Representations of the Future

People evolve and grow. We have always looked to the future when it’s a matter of humanity and have come a long way.

In the past, some cities seemed to enable themselves more efficient in evolution than others.

Now, there’s five cities that stand honoured as incredible representations of human advancement.

1. Pulau Ujong, Singapore


Although, in terms of human population, Pulau Ujong is one of the most overpopulated cities when considering it’s a small island. Even in a city known for its growth, it aims to increase the population further, in turn improving the consistency of work.

Nonetheless, Singapore is a shining example of how it can sustain so many people, yet support a respectable economy, while providing satisfactory living standards for all the social classes. In the future, cities are bound to face overpopulation, so taking a page out of Singapore’s books will greatly help them out.

Singaporean authorities are planning to introduce new forms of transportations and flexible costs for general items, which will ease the daily lives in the process.

2. Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Dubai 2016

Anyone who has visited Dubai will know how futuristic Abu Dhabi city has become. The architecture is enough to permit this statement, but with the stable economy and fantastic living conditions could be used as further claims.

Dubai is constantly giving birth to new concepts of buildings, such as the underwater hotel and artificial islands that double as excellent tourist spots. It is mainly using home-grown talent to increase national income while giving the city an eccentric, but yet breathtaking look that makes it unforgettable, even at a glance.

It’s even more amazing considering how the city is primarily built on a desert.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan 2016

An article on futuristic cities will not be complete unless Tokyo is mentioned. Everything about the capital of Japan screams ‘advanced’.

A look at its magnificent buildings will show how futuristic it seems, and the use of technology in nearly all aspects of daily lives is downright impressive.

A population of hard working 13 million people have consistently contributed to the city’s development, focus on the equipment to make their lives easier, as they stay dedicated to the traditional customs when the need arises.

The Japanese are the leading front in technology, especially cars and gadgets, and are a race worthy of respect and admiration in all general senses. If nothing else, their cultural interest in tech makes them a worthy representation of the future.

4. Bangalore, India

Bangalore India

Previously unknown to the world, Bangalore has recently risen to be a city of tremendous growth and progress, making it the fastest wealth base in the Asia Pacific.

This change didn’t appear out of thin air. The credits go to the increase of technology and business firms that are now galore in this Indian city. Bangalore companies have boosted their sales further by establishing partnerships and trades with many western companies, and have in turn made a name for themselves.

This clever use of international resources and smart tactics to rise to the top has established Bangalore as an exemplary futuristic city.

5. Helsinki, Finland

Finland 2016

Future cannot be imagined without constant internet, everywhere. Helsinki, the snow-filled European city, actually has city-wide free WiFi, so that along is a huge step for the future.

The statistics involved with the development of the city are posted on the Internet, allowing both the general people and officials to view collectively as well as contribute to how the city can be further improved. Decisions are taken considering the opinions of everyone, and anyone who wants to help, can.

The app, BlindSquare helps blind people to move around the city while the government keeps trying to introduce newer forms of technology to sustain better living conditions.

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